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How To Mirror Your Prospects Through Sales Personalization, A Sales Tips Video

3 min read
Mar. 23, 2016

Sales personalization is now a “need-to-have” skill in order to be successful in sales development. It’s important to find a way to stand out when you are on the phones, sending emails, and day trading attention like Gary Vaynerchuk.

Here at Salesloft, we want you to be able to understand personalization at scale. There’s always room for new integrations in your sales process that will help you close more deals and make your sales team even more productive.

Salesloft SDR Kenny Traber is here to talk you through 3 sales tips around personalization in your sales development process. Watch the video below to get his insights about personalization and how his journey as an Outbound SDR has improved by implementing these tactics.

Video Transcription:

Hey this is Kenny Traber, Sales Development Rep at Salesloft, here to talk to you about 3 sales tips around personalization in sales development.

First of all, building a rapport. If I’m on someone’s LinkedIn page, and I notice that their interests include practicing yoga, the first email that I send them might have a subject line that reads “Namaste from Salesloft.” Or, if I’m on the phone with someone, and I notice that they went to Texas A&M University, I know that that team is now in the March Madness tournament. So, I might wish them the best of luck before I get into the call.

My second tip would be to mirror the prospect — first of all, in tone. If someone answers the phone, and they’re very casual, I want to be casual in my response back to them so that they know we’re on the same level. Also, key terms. If someone is speaking to me, and they’re the VP of Business Development, but they say that they’re in “Biz Dev,” whenever I’m speaking back to them I might say, “what does your biz dev process look like?” so that they know we’re speaking the same language.

My third tip would be to act pleasantly persistent. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a prospect reply to an email and tell me that they’re very thankful that I was persistent in reaching out to them. Or, whenever I connect with someone on the phone after multiple attempts by leaving a voicemail (maybe two)… They might mention that they got their voicemails, but haven’t had a chance to give me a call back, and they’re glad that we’re able to connect.

Also, it gives me the ability to learn more about their process. If I was persistent in contacting them, I can ask them how many attempts their reps are making to reach their prospects if they’re being persistent. I can be a sponge to absorb the information that they’re sharing about their process and then implement that information into my process.

I hope this has been very helpful. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding sales development and personalization.

Kenny’s Tips on How To Mirror Your Prospects Through Sales Personalization:

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