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How to Prep Your Lead Data for Account Based Sales Development, A Sales Tips Video

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Updated Aug. 5, 2021
Published Feb. 17, 2016

Salesloft has been serving up some of the juiciest secrets behind Account Based Sales Development. From VP of Demand Gen, Kevin O’Malley’s common myths busted by ABSD (and how it can boost your team’s morale) to in-house SDR Brad Ansley’s perspective on ABSD as a rep, and a brand-spankin’ new infographic on how to increase your revenue through ABSD — we’re knocking out ABSD questions one by one.

We’ve even put together a fully-loaded eBook around all things Account Based Sales Development to give you a step-by-step guide to making the shift to ABSD.

By now, your team should be ready to take the plunge. But what about your lead data? That’s right — even if your mind is right, you need to get your data right before you go all in with ABSD.

Kevin is back in the sales tip video below to share the 5 S’s you need to know to prep your lead data for Account Based Sales Development.

Video Transcription:

Hi, Kevin O’Malley here from Salesloft. Today I’m going to take you on the journey of the five steps of getting your data ready for account-based sales development. So let’s get ready!

Here are the five S’s that we’re going to take you through:

First, let’s take a few minutes to look at your data and sort out the lead data that you have in SalesForce (or other CRMs you have). Separate out the accounts that you know you’re not going to go after, and archive.

Yes, I said the word archive. Get rid of the data. You don’t need it anymore. (Don’t worry… They weren’t going to be buyers anyway!)

Next, we’re going to straighten the data that you have left over after your sort. What I mean by straighten is that you’re going to get the data correct in the order in which you want to see it. You’re really just taking some time to understand the background of that account, and the people associated to that account.

Next is shine. So now that you’ve narrowed down what you have left in your CRM, you’re going to shine that data. And now what I mean by shine…

You probably have a lot of [data entries] that don’t have phone numbers. Take some time to look at the phone numbers, find the latest and greatest phone numbers, and validate their emails. Devote and invest time to make sure you’ve got the best data going into your account-based sales development effort.

Once you’ve shined the data, it’s now time to standardize your data. What do I mean by that?

Let’s think about all those fields that you’re capturing. You’re getting a prospect on the phone — make sure you’re standardizing that approach of how you’re capturing your data, so therefore you can measure how well you’re doing in targeting these accounts.

Where are you getting the best referrals? Where do you need to follow up on? How do you get better?

And then last, I really want to encourage you to sustain that effort on an ongoing basis, to ensure that you’re always sorting out bad leads, you’re standardizing your fields, you’re shining them, making sure you’ve got the best data possible, and then you’re sustaining an ongoing basis.

So hopefully that helped you today to get your data ready. Look forward to seeing some great stories about account-based sales development!

Kevin’s 5 Tips to Prep Your Lead Data for Account Based Sales Development:

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