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Increasing Revenue With Account-Based Sales Development

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Feb. 4, 2016

The advent of modern sales development has taken the sales world by storm. Organizations everywhere are dumping revenue models based on old-school lead generation, cold calling and mass email blasting. Why? The power has shifted from the seller to the buyer.

What’s truly challenging about sales development? Delivering personalization, sincerity, and professionalism at scale. That’s where Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD) comes into play.

At Salesloft, we define Account-Based Sales Development as follows:

A sales development approach in which prospective customer accounts are treated as markets of one, reached through hyper-personalized, targeted campaigns.

Here’s what you can do to increase your revenue using Account-Based Sales Development:

AccountBasedSDinfographicLooking for more on Account-Based Sales Development? Download “The What And Why Of Account-Based Sales Development,” ebook today!