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Introducing Automatic Salesforce Person Field Mapping

2 min read
Jul. 9, 2015

Keeping your CRM updated with your prospect activities is tough. Manually updating lead status, email, phone number, or any other custom field is brutal. At Salesloft we are all about putting more time into your day. Allowing you to do what you do best, sell.

An application of record should not just allow salespeople to live where they work: phone, email, social. But also map all their data, activities, and processes seamlessly within with their CRM.

Gone are the days where you must go back and forth, tab to tab, in order to update separate applications with the same information.

Introducing SFDC Person Field Mapping


Salesloft Cadence has allowed you to log all activities and outreach into your CRM since day 1. We now give you the power to map any person field automatically upon update directly into Salesforce. As an Admin, you can map over any person field in Salesloft Cadence to any Salesforce Field (Lead or Contact). This includes: All person fields, Custom Fields, Person Stages, and Do Not Contact.

Why is this so powerful? Other than the obvious benefit of adding more time into your day, it also provides consistency across both solutions allowing other applications tied into your CRM, marketing automation for example, to be triggered to start specific events.

One more giant step forward in creating unity across the entire customer acquisition machine.

Check it out!