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Introducing Salesforce For Sales Engagement: Full Cycle Sales Professionals

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Updated Nov. 16, 2020
Published Nov. 29, 2016

Modern full cycle sales professionals are everywhere, functioning in different time zones and running their businesses all over the world. The one place they all live together? Salesforce. The customer relationship management (CRM) has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers, especially the full cycle sales professional.

But while technology, in theory, improves speed and accuracy of certain daily tasks, the more tools full cycle sales reps have to monitor, manage, maintain, and update, can actually slow their productivity significantly. This lag in functionality has actually been the cause of one of the biggest problems in sales: Salespeople are spending too much of their time performing non-selling tasks.

A study by Accenture says that 64.3% of most sales reps’ time is eclipsed by those tasks, and leaving only 33% of their time for active selling.

Today, more modern approaches to sales, like sales engagement, take some finesse to integrate fully with Salesforce. The goals of a modern sales professional are efficiency, increased conversions, and a scalable process, and for a full cycle sales rep, they need to be able to achieve those goals as quickly as possible. That’s why we created our newest ebook, “Salesforce for Sales Engagement: Full Cycle Sales Professionals.”


This is the third ebook in a complete series focused on helping companies integrate their sales engagement strategies with Salesforce. With each edition, we’re focusing on a different function or piece of the sales team, and this edition focuses on the role of full cycle sales.

This ebook will help Full Cycle Sales Professionals to understand how to turn Salesforce from a simple customer relationship management tool into a supercharged sales activity machine. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Records in Salesforce
  • Prospecting and Sales Activities
  • Working a Deal

Download your free copy today and start getting the most out of Salesforce. While CRMs weren’t built with modern sales tactics in mind, keep in mind that the right tools can go a long way toward making the enormous task list of a Full Cycle Sales Professional a lot more manageable.