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Introducing Salesforce For Sales Engagement: Sales Operations Leaders

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Updated Aug. 10, 2021
Published Nov. 4, 2016

Sales data scientists and process designers, now better known as Sales Operations Leaders, had a big hand in creating the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools of today’s sales stack. Salesforce, in particular, is the CRM that serves as home base for prospect and customer data entry for most modern sales organizations. But Salesforce for Sales Operations Leaders is about a lot more than front end customer and prospect data.

For Sales Operations Leaders, Salesforce provides a detailed understanding of a company’s complete sales cycle, process effectiveness, and revenue analysis on the back end. This activity data is key to the role of Sales Operations, because at it’s core, Sales Operations is obsessed with process management, data and analytics.

But while technology has certainly transformed the way Sales Operations looks at their teams’ processes, more modern approaches to sales, like sales engagement, still take some finesse to integrate fully with Salesforce. With CRM functionality expanding so rapidly, it’s difficult for Sales Operations Leaders to know where to double down on process management for their modern sales teams.

That’s why we created our newest ebook, “Salesforce for Sales Engagement: Sales Operations Leaders”



This is the second ebook in a complete series focused on helping companies integrate their sales engagement strategies with Salesforce. With each edition, we’re focusing on a different function or piece of the sales team, and this edition focuses on the role of Sales Operations.

This ebook will help Sales Operations Leaders to understand how to turn Salesforce from a simple customer
relationship management tool into a supercharged data analytics machine. Topics covered include:

  • Data for Salesforce Leads and Accounts
  • Sales Process and Activities
  • Reporting and Dashboards in Salesforce

Download your free copy today and start getting the most out of Salesforce. While CRMs weren’t built with modern sales tactics in mind, but remember: a team with solid Sales Operations data in Salesforce crushes numbers, while teams that just wing it barely hit quota.