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Introducing the Sales Tips Blooper Reel: Holiday Edition

2 min read
Dec. 14, 2016

In the past six months, we’ve shared over 40 videos filled with sales tips for the modern sales professional. From advice on how to shift to Account Based Sales Development, to pro tips for executing email personalization at scale, and hacks to improve your Salesforce instance skills, we’ve run the gamut on ways to make you, the modern sales professional, more motivated, educated, and inspired to do what you do best: connect with customers.

But behind every sales tips video is a real Salesloft team member… and what’s more real than a few goofs on camera? With weekly episodes of SDR TV, personalized videos on the daily, and on-the-fly video shoots for the content team, our reps have gotten more and more comfortable sharing their personalities with the modern sales world! And with that comfort comes a few funny flops — honest moments that show the real, humanized version of the Salesloft crew.

Enjoy the video below and have a laugh at some of the funniest moments behind the scenes of SDR TV’s Sales Tips Blooper Reel: Holiday Edition!


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