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What a Little Bird Told Us at #Rainmaker19

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Updated Mar. 9, 2021
Published Mar. 14, 2019

We look forward to Rainmaker every year, but it’s safe to say that 2019 was the biggest and best yet.  It just keeps growing and becoming more amazing, thanks in large part to all of our attendees!

The Salesloft team is already planning for 2020 when we will move the #1 sales engagement conference to San Francisco.  Mark your calendars for March 2-4th!  At the same time, we are recapping 2019 and sharing some of our favorite moments and incredible content from the event in the coming weeks.

Today, we want to feature a few attendee highlights.  Here’s a recap from their perspective based on what a little bird told us at #Rainmaker19.

You have to train for everything.

LeBron didn’t just walk out on the court and start making baskets.  Sales superstars don’t either.

How you react when things get real is everything.

Our keynote speaker, Colin O’Brady, just because the first human to cross Antartica unaided and unassisted.  Who better to inspire us all to overcome obstacles and do big things?

What is your differentiator?

John Barrows took the stage early in the week and challenged us to start thinking about what makes us unique.  What do you possess that will help you reach the next summit?

Be resourceful.

Ralph Barsi brought down the house drawing parallels between great sales professionals and Sun Tzu’s advice in The Art of War. Your biggest resource is yourself. Invest time in developing that resource.

Don’t forget your buyer’s journey.

Mark Roberge reminded us that sales training must focus on more than product knowledge. Delivering a great experience to buyers all the way through the journey is just as (if not more) critical.

It’s not the destination.

The Wednesday morning women’s breakfast was filled with some of the most inspiring ladies we’ve ever met.  This panel of Wonder Women delivered an important message about tenacity in achieving goals, staying positive, and lifting up those around us in the process.

Choose your method of payment wisely.

In one of many, many panels of wisdom, Morgan Ingram urged us to think about our actions and consequences. Everything has a price – but you can choose how you pay!

In the end, it’s all about how you treat people.

Sales, like anything else, is about human connection.  Award-winning restaurateur, Danny Meyer, dropped the mic with his keynote reminding us to pay attention to how we make people feel.  Go the extra mile to do the right thing for your customers and your employees.

Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy the music and have a little fun with your friends.

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