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What Makes A Predictable Sales Process?

2 min read
Updated Aug. 24, 2020
Published Nov. 18, 2015

We’re back with our weekly sales tip with none other than Christine Ladd, Salesloft Account Executive and pro-planner when it comes to predicting metrics in the sales process. She’ll be jumping into the best ways to control and predict the metrics from the initial call to the final close — how to work the process in your favor.

In the SaaS market, it’s common to have a wide range of prospects when you’re selling to salespeople.

But knowing exactly what it takes to narrow that spectrum of cold leads to warm prospects, and then, down the road, customers, is imperative from the minute the process begins. Christine goes into each call with a clear understanding of what kind of output she is hoping to attain from that specific scenario. Then, through her agile selling process, she can manipulate the numbers game to grow the sale through incremental upgrades.

Having metrics-driven skills throughout the entire sales cycle is crucial to a team’s predictable process. By having the ability to see the minutiae of each reps funnel is what allows sales teams to overachieve on their revenue, month over month.

We’d love to hear what strategies your sales teams uses to create a predictable and scalable process. Leave a comment below and share any feedback you have on Christine’s pro-tips!