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March Madness: 5 Ways to Dominate Q1

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Mar. 16, 2018

In offices all over the US, completing March Madness brackets have been the top priority.  Now that we’ve all hit submit (go UNC!), it’s time to refocus on closing out Q1 strong.  Here are 5 actionable ways to dominate in the home stretch.

March Madness: 5 Ways to Dominate Q1

1. Take a shot. Get the rebound.

You won’t see any player take a shot, miss it, and give up.  They keep pushing.  They rebound.  They don’t take no for an answer.  There’s an old sales rule that you have to get 3 “no”s before you can leave.  Implement this going into the final stretch of Q1.

2. Rate the players

Before you take a shot, you need to understand what you’re facing.  Make a list rating your prospects in order of priority.  Focus on ones you think are close to closing, then work down from there.  This forces you to genuinely assess each opportunity and helps you prioritize your time.

3. Try a new play

Catch the defense by surprise.  We all use the typical touchpoints: phone and email.  Think about where else your prospects are.  Is the decision-maker a Twitter fanatic?  Engage with them there.  Are they local?  Show up with doughnuts.  Are they rooting for Villanova?  Send them a “good luck” t-shirt.  Unexpected, authentic efforts are effective ways to differentiate yourself.

4. Give the fans what they want

Go beyond the win.  Fans love finesse – give them the slam dunk, the mid-court shot.  Look for the things that get your prospect excited, the couple of things they really care about.  If you can successfully identify these and tie your product to them, you’ll get your Q1 buzzer beater and thrill your customer.

5. Use your coach

No one reaches the top alone.  If you ask the very best players how they got to where they are, they will always give some credit to a coach.  Use your resources, especially those who you report to on a daily basis.  They’ll appreciate your proactiveness and you’ll benefit from the one-on-one help.

Bonus: don’t forget to recruit!  Keep your pipeline full, move those lower rated prospects to a Q2 cadence.  If you always have a pipeline that’s three times what you need to close, urgency won’t be an issue.

What’s your slam dunk move?