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Match Your Message to Your Buyer, A Sales Tips Video

2 min read
Sep. 23, 2015

Knowing the stage of your buyer — and the best way to reach them — is crucial to your sales process. Whether you’re at the prospecting phase or the closing end, each step requires attention to detail and personalization.

In today’s sales tips video below, Salesloft Account Executive William Bond and Sales Development Team Lead Mitch Touart share their tips on how to match your sales process with the buyer’s stage, and the best ways to get in front of them.

You wouldn’t start talking about weddings on a first date, right? Just as you do in any social interaction, you should always recognize the stage of the buyer’s process and match that stage to your sales steps. William’s advice on aligning your messaging in your sales process will help both parties stay on track and lead to stronger conversions.

Establishing your messaging is important, but knowing how to creatively reach your buyer is another common challenge in the sales process that Mitch addresses. By stepping outside of your comfort zone (i.e. LinkedIn) and using other platforms (i.e. Twitter and CrunchBase) to prospect, you’re more likely to get in front of those interested buyers.

These guys are experts at finding ways to perfect each and every step of the sales process. And they’re committed to providing your sales development team with the knowledge they need to become an efficient and specialized customer acquisition machine. Stay tuned for more sales tips from our SDR veterans!