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Mindfulness in Your Sales Emails, A Sales Tips Video

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Updated Aug. 9, 2021
Published Feb. 3, 2016

Mindfulness is a psychological trend that’s quickly making its way over to the sales industry. Mindfulness is the scientifically-backed notion of simply being mindful of your personality, communication traits, and how others respond to your ways of communicating. Seems like a no-brainer — but it actually takes a real effort to insert mindfulness into daily conversations such as your sales calls and emails.

One of the number one downfalls of automation is a lack of mindfulness. But when you’re running a cadence of personalized conversations with your prospects and customers, all it takes is just a few simple strategies to develop a sincere level of mindfulness into your sales emails.

Salesloft VP of Sales Derek Grant is back to discuss how to be mindful in your process by thinking about your prospects, finding the best mediums to communication with them, and making your emails stand out. Watch the video below below to learn more from Derek.

Video Transcription:

Hey, sales pros — Derek Grant here with Salesloft.

A question that I’d love for each and every one of you is to consider adding to your repertoire as you’re closing down your meetings is: What’s the best channel to communicate with you on?

The reason that you do this is because it shows the prospect that you really care and you want to communicate with them in a way that’s going to be effective, efficient and really fits their style. Most of the time, they’re going to say email.

But you have to think about the prospect. They’re getting hundreds of emails a day. So, one thing you can ask for is a particular word (or words) that you could put into the subject line that would help this email stand out. We jokingly call it a safe word.

The premise is: I’m going to be super respectful — I’m only going to communicate with you when necessary. But if you see this particular phrase in the subject line, it’s something that I need you to respond to, because it will allow me to be able to get you the information you need — more quickly.

Happy closing!

Derek’s Tips on Mindfulness:

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