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Modern Sales Statistics by the Slice [INFOGRAPHIC]

2 min read
Nov. 23, 2016

Taking sales advice from old-school, conventional sales companies is like taking dating advice from your grandparents at Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, it’s heartwarming to hear how things were done in the “good ole days,” but it’s almost 2017 and we need more modern sales statistics to carry with us into the new year.

In today’s over-emailed, over-stimulated, overwhelmingly social-driven customers’ world, old-school outreach processes are falling flat, and buyers are getting harder and harder to reach. There’s at least one thing about modern sales statistics that grandpa can relate to, and that’s the time it takes to court a prospect in today’s sales environment. Overheard at the Sirius Decisions friendsgiving table, the average sales rep only makes two attempts to contact a prospect, when the sales process takes almost 22% longer than in years past.

That just means that sales professionals need to get a leg up on the new year with a handful of modern sales statistics. The eight shared below are just a few nuggets of insight into what the current state of sales looks like headed into 2017. So, whether it’s just a little insight into your sales emails, follow-up processes, or social selling strategies, take a few moments before tryptophan sets in and get your modern sales statistics fix:


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