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Modern Sales Training: Motivation Monday with John Barrows

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Updated Aug. 5, 2021
Published Nov. 7, 2016

A big part of motivating sales professionals is actually pretty obvious step; one that too many sales organizations overlook. What is it? Modern sales training.

John Barrows, modern sales trainer to some of the world’s best companies, like, Box, and Linkedin, recognized this gap in sales development and founded SalesFromTheStreets, an at-your-fingertips-toolbox for salespeople. A prolific blogger and speaker, John is a one of the biggest leaders of the modern sales movement, and through his extensive experience and the lessons learned throughout his years in the brutal, unforgiving world of sales, John’s goal is to provide the modern sales training that’s been historically lacking in the sales development community.

Modern sales training may not seem like a super motivating (or exciting) topic. But that’s probably because you’ve never been trained by John Barrows. John’s modern sales training style lights a fire in you, because at his core, the fire that drives him every day is hard work and hustle. And not in the “all talk” kind of way, either. According to John, SDRs have the hardest job in sales, so in order to truly become rainmakers, movers and shakers — or what some like to call “thought-leaders” — you’ve got to put in the work.

Need a little modern sales training motivation this Monday morning? Let John Barrows fire you up for a successful second half to the month with this video below:



If you’re an SDR you’re going to come in and you’re just going to make your 50 dials a day, within three to six months you’re going to want to jump off this building. I mean, it’s just brutal going through those motions. But if you come in and you’re more scientific about it and you say, “let me try to figure something out today,” no matter how bad that day goes, if you’ve figured that out, good or bad, you had a good day.

Set the bar at a high but attainable level and then every day just try to get 1% better. And I’m going to speak to SDRs. One of the mistake they make is pretending to be personalized when they’re not, saying that they looked at somebody’s website when they really didn’t, then reaching out to executives and, again, pretending like they know what they’re talking about.

Everybody talks about being a thought leader. If you’re 22 years old and you just got your job, you’re not a thought leader. I mean, kids just retweet and post and stuff like that and, again, you’re no different than marketing. Why do I need you? I can set up a bunch of dummy names on Twitter. I can time my marketing engine. I can tweet out a whole bunch of stuff. The sales reps need to put that context around that content. So I think they’re making a big mistake just by, you know, “building their brand,” they think, by just tweeting and posting stuff.

And then the last mistake I think they make is just not paying attention. You know, they just go through the motions, they do what they’re told to do. And if you just go through the motions and do what you’re told to do, you’re going to be average.

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