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Navigating Your Sales Technology Adoption Journey

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Jul. 29, 2019

You signed the dotted line on a shiny new piece of sales technology.  It’s an exciting day!  Then you realize the work is just beginning – now you have to implement the technology and get the team to adopt it.

*deep breath*

Adopting a new technology isn’t an event. It’s a journey made up of incremental projects. We developed a framework, 7 Considerations in the Sales Technology Adoption Journey, to help you navigate the journey as painlessly as possible. This step-by-step guide is a framework that we use to help our own customers succeed in reaching full utilization of our platform and achieve their ROI.

7 Considerations in the Sales Technology Adoption Journey

7 Steps For a Successful Adoption Journey

  1. Plan your implementation
  2. Define your engagements
  3. Configure your account
  4. Launch authentic customer engagements
  5. Measure your results
  6. Expand your success
  7. Empower your team

To implement a new technology as seamlessly as possible, there are a lot of questions to ask yourself, your team, and your vendor partner.  If you don’t do this every day, it’s easy to overlook key considerations.

Consider step one: Plan your implementation. In this stage, you will build a customized implementation plan tailored to fit your team’s needs. Here are some of the questions to consider

  • What is your ideal go-live date?
  • Who from your team needs to be involved in the implementation?
  • What features are you planning on utilizing?
  • What type of training will you require?
  • Is your team ready for this change in software?

After considering these questions, you might discover that you need to dive deeper into a specific area.  We’ve linked to some articles that provided more detailed help in each step.  Link this one on Creating Buy-In: 6 Strategies for Change Management(Pro tip: invest in change management early to save time, money, and headaches!)

We also understand that part of this adoption journey is measuring results and replicating success.  This guide includes information about how to reflect on reporting to understand team trends and identify areas of success. Don’t be afraid to dig into dashboard elements and analyze the underlying data for more insights than you originally thought possible. As you look to scale success with your new platform, think outside the box.  Areas for expansion go beyond adding more licenses.  Take your sales program to the next level! Think about leveraging innovative integrations or engaging with your sales community to share best practices.

Download this framework to uncover the most effective way for your sales organization to adopt technology so that you see a return on your investment. You will come away with:

  •  A framework for assessing your team’s progress in a new technology adoption journey
  • An understanding of what you should be evaluating each step of the way
  • A library of additional resources to help you at each step.

So what are you waiting for?  Fast-track your way to ROI! Download the guide here.

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