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Old School Rules, New School Tools: The B2B Sales and Marketing #FlipMyFunnel Conference

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Jul. 1, 2015

The B2B sales and marketing funnel has flipped, and inbound marketing has shifted to outbound sales. From casting a wide marketing net to targeted customer identification, this trend has catapulted outbound sales development.

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The way we create demand has evolved and customer experience is the new revenue model. Prospects expect you to keep up with their ever-changing demands, and the emergence of sales development combines old school rules with new school tools to stay ahead of the curve. The process is simple: Identify. Expand. Engage. Advocate.

Join us this August 11th, as a rockstar cast of thought leaders come together for the #FlipMyFunnel Conference. The crew will be gathering at the W Hotel in Buckhead to share their real-world strategies on how to empower your sales development teams to crush the new B2B sales game.

Salesloft CEO Kyle Porter will be sharing his own game-changing insights on sales development strategies in his presentation on 7 Revenue Hacks for Hustlers.

Don’t miss this exclusive chance to hear from the top dogs in the biz on how they crush it in B2B sales and marketing and challenge the status quo!


Hit us up on social @Salesloft #FlipMyFunnel if you plan on meeting us in the A. (Insider tip: share “TerminusFriend” to get 50% off the ticket price!)