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Personalized Sales Emails: The Best of Sales Tips

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Updated Aug. 24, 2020
Published Jun. 22, 2016

The one year anniversary of SDR TV’s most popular video series, Sales Tips, is almost upon us! And with actionable insights like how to craft personalized sales emails, the best ways to supercharge sales calls, and how to be a better sales leader, this series has been the go to place for sales tips of all kinds.

We’re building up to next week’s celebration, but to refresh your memories, we’ve compiled few of our favorite Sales Tips playlists — just for you! On deck today: the top tips for personalized sales emails!

Thanks to the rise of the Sales Development Cloud, email personalization at scale is a lot easier than it used to be. With technology like Owler and Crystal, along with the Salesloft Sales Email tool, integrating insights on your prospects is super simple.

VP of Product Strategy Sean Kester (affectionately known as TKSE – The Sean Kester Experience) kicks the video off by discussing the 10-80-10 rule in personalized sales emails. The model just takes a mix of 10% of personalization at the beginning and end of an 80% automated email template to create a simple approach to personalization at scale.

Next up on the playlist is Salesloft SDR (and guest author MVP) Brad Ansley to dive deeper on the 10-80-10 approach, and 3 more of his favorite strategies for injecting personalized sales emails into his daily cadence. Hear him explain exactly how he uses the Sales Development Cloud to personalize his emails with sincerity.

But one of the number one downfalls of automation is a lack of mindfulness. But when you’re running a cadence of personalized sales emails with your prospects and customers, all it takes is just a few simple strategies to develop a sincere level of mindfulness into your sales emails. And Salesloft VP of Sales Derek Grant is back to show you how.

Email personalization at scale is one of the toughest tasks in the daily process of a Sales Development Rep. Email automation has been scorching the prospect earth since it’s predictable revenue introduction, but now it’s time for customization and hyper-personalization to take front seat.

Want to learn more ways to personalize sales emails? Check out our free eBook below and start taking advantage of technology to accelerate efficiency, maximize performance, and increase conversations today!