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Putting Those Post-Dreamforce Cadences into Action {Video}

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Updated Aug. 5, 2021
Published Oct. 5, 2016

Dreamforce is in full swing, and as the event floor is abuzz, so are our sales reps post-Dreamforce cadences. How is that, you ask? Modern sales professionals know that follow-up after an event can be overwhelming to prospects and customers, so that’s why they already prepped their follow-up cadences before taking off at Hartsfield-Jackson.

“This is a step that’s different than what everyone else is doing,” Richard Harris of the Harris Consulting Group suggested when it comes to crafting post-Dreamforce cadences ahead of time. And as modern Sales Development Reps, with all of the right tools at your disposal, Harris has a valid point.

That’s why Tyler Bliss, Salesloft Account Executive, is here on SDR TV’s Sales Tips to talk about his post-Dreamforce follow-up plan. Even from Moscone, Tyler is delivering up some modern sales pro tips for how to stand out from the crowd and make a positive mark on the prospects you meet on the Dreamforce floor. Check out the video below:


Alright, here we are in the midst of Dreamforce and I know you’re out there meeting a lot of people, shaking a lot of hands, and getting a lot of contact information, but what I want to share with you are some of my tips on how I follow up with people after Dreamforce is over.

So what I’m doing to follow up with these people after Dreamforce is I’m going ahead before I even get there and setting a pre-made cadence of some email and some phone over the course of maybe two weeks after Dreamforce is over in order to schedule some more time to talk on their calendar.

Remember that these people that you’re reaching out to are going a ton of different vendors and they’re getting their badge scanned at this vendor and that vendor, so that means when they come back from Dreamforce they’re going to have tons and tons of marketing emails, and tons and tons of salespeople calling them.

How do you stand out from that? You could do that by being pleasantly persistent through the cadence that you created before the event. Personalizing an email to them, actually picking up the phone to call them, or sending them a personalized video saying how much you enjoyed speaking to them at Dreamforce.

Hey, this is a personalized video. Your booth could be right next to your competitor’s booth. Your prospect could have just got done with you and went over to your direct competitor.

So it’s very very important to not only bring energy and passion at the booth to understand your prospect’s needs and wants, but it’s also gonna be imperative that you bring that same energy and passion after the event is over.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed these sales tips and I hope they have brought you tremendous value. Be sure to go check out our blog. We have a ton of great content about Dreamforce out there right now, and happy lofting.