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Questions are Key for Discovery Calls [Infographic]

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Jun. 23, 2017

The discovery call is undoubtedly important. As the first prolonged sales conversation, it opens the gate to a prospect’s relationship with your company. But even more than a first impression, it’s a pivotal point in understanding their needs. It’s the time you learn if you fit their business  – your golden ticket to creating a thriving customer.

Perform smoothly and your relationship starts with vigor. Execute poorly, and spend your time overcoming a tainted reputation.

If any of that sounds intimidating, thank our partners at for sharing the data from over half a million discovery calls. Armed with concrete numbers, we can see the impact of things like question volume on your success rate.

Want to get your hands on the analysis of 519,291 calls now?

Download the full Discovery Call Benchmark Report here.

As any top performing sales team knows, volume is just the tip of the iceberg. Answering the what, when, and how you ask questions reveals layers of complexity to the successful discovery call. Let’s take a look at just how that data plays a role in your success:

To download the full report, simply click below: