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Rainmaker ‘18 is Where Your Sales Team Grows

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Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Dec. 19, 2017

Rainmaker ‘18, the #1 sales engagement conference, is rapidly approaching on March 5th – 7th in Atlanta (and time is running out to take advantage of early-bird registration). This year will be bigger and better than ever, and the perfect opportunity for a sales teams and leadership to learn and grow together.

With 40+ sessions, 100+ speakers and sales practitioners across four different tracks, incredible entertainment (including our trademark ‘surprise’ opening act) and networking opportunities with 800+ sales professionals, Rainmaker ‘18 will deliver incredible value for you and your team.

What will you learn at Rainmaker ‘18? Here is an overview of our conference tracks for this year:

1. Sales Leadership and Strategy

Be the best sales leader you can be – learn from the best.

Get expert guidance and actionable insights from proven sales leaders behind the fastest growing and best performing companies in the world today. The Sales Leadership and Strategy Track will help sales leaders further develop the skills they need to stay at the top of their game – arming them with the strategy and processes to hire, train and build exceptional sales teams.

2. Sales Operations and Systems

Discover the secrets of the most productive sales teams in the world today.

Your team needs to spend more time building relationships and less time on ad-hoc and manual administrative tasks. Participants in the Sales Operations and Systems Track will learn the secrets and best practices used by the most productive sales teams around – including experts from sales leadership, sales operations, and sales enablement who have overcome the same challenges you have and lived to share their stories.

3. Sales Methodology and Mastery

Learn how sales leaders are adapting to change and serving customers better.

Today’s buyers may be armed with more information than buyers ten years ago, but they’re overwhelmed and have more people involved in the purchase process than ever. They don’t need you to close them – they need you to help them – and that’s the difference between being good or great at sales engagement.

The Sales Methodology and Mastery Track will teach you how to create better sales experiences for your buyers – with insights from revenue experts from sales organizations offering practical tactics that can elevate even the most seasoned individual contributor.

4. The Salesloft Platform, Now and Beyond

The Salesloft, Now and Beyond Track will demonstrate how the current Salesloft Platform can best be used to empower the entire revenue team, with sessions covering a wide-range of platform-specific topics, including the current platform and future roadmap, the expanding platform ecosystem, partner integrations, and much more.

The Most Efficient Place to Train Your Sales Team in 2018

Bottom-line? Rainmaker ‘18 is the most efficient place to learn and grow with your sales team. We’ve designed Rainmaker ‘18 to address the most relevant issues facing your sales team today.

Join us in Atlanta from March 11-13, 2019 for Rainmaker 2019!

Rainmaker 2019