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Reps Get Knocked Down, But They Get Up Again {Video}

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Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Sep. 7, 2016

The end of Q3 is quickly approaching, and every rep knows the pain of the numbers game where they’re behind on their goals and sales numbers. Whether it’s the middle of the month, or the home stretch of the quarter, hitting those final sales numbers is your top priority.

The first step is to work from the planning stages, all the way to analyzing, and every Sales Development Rep needs a playbook to execute step-by-step. Old school sales reps used to wing it, just hammering out more and more calls, but modern sales professionals meticulously take every tip they can to make the most of their process.


Today we have Pete Whittingslow, Salesloft SDR and former pro-ball player, here to talk about how he’s taken that last inning and made every minute count through hindsight, sales metrics, and going back to basics with prospecting. Watch the video below to learn more from today’s episode of SDR TV: Sales Tips to catch a few of Pete’s strategic curve balls for hitting his sales numbers:

Pete’s Tips on How to Improve Your Sales Numbers:

Hey guys, Pete Whittingslow here with Salesloft. Today I want to talk to you about something we’re always trying to actively avoid in sales. But in the scenario where your numbers might fall a bit behind for the month or the quarter, I wanted to share with you a few tips on how I’ve gotten my month and my quarter back on track.

Go back and learn from your old victories. I know, for me, before I was in the sales industry, when I was in baseball both collegiately and professionally, I would always go back and look at my old game film, like you’re seeing right now, and pull what I was doing well and why I was being successful. From there, I could see what was working, and I could apply it to my next game, and try to repeat that success.

The same goes for us here in our industry. Go back and listen to your old calls. Figure out why you were having great conversations, or maybe why you were booking some really quality meetings last month. And then you can apply that to your calls today, and ensure that you’re having more great conversations moving forward.

Use analytics to drive your activity. I know me, for example, when I would fall a bit behind, I would want to make more phone calls or send more emails, and just do more, more, more. Where, that’s not necessarily the best way to go about it. Use analytics, whether it be from an ebook, or the analytics page in Cadence.

Figure out what the optimal call-times are. Figure out when you’re getting the best email reply rates. And then go in that block of time, and really give it your best effort. So, instead of just making phone calls all day long and hoping for an answer, understand that 10 to 11 is going to be better than 11 to 12, and use those analytics to drive your activity for that day.

Make a set routine to follow every single day. I know that might be a little obvious, but sometimes when we fall behind, we feel like we need to do more, more, more. But, set that set routine, so everyday I know, for example, I know exactly when I’m calling, I know when I’m sending my emails, I know when I’m doing my admin work. That way I’m able to structure my entire day — day in, day out — so when I do find that success, I can repeat it across the board.

Prospect, prospect, prospect. I know sometimes it can seem a bit tedious, or we want to focus more on the warmer leads that we have right in front of us, but if we do that, whether we close them or not, we’re going to find ourselves in a scenario where we have nothing to go to afterwards.

I know me, for example, I’m making sure I put in five new leads every single day, regardless of how good or bad my month is. That way I can ensure that I have a consistent pipeline flowing, and I always have people to connect with.

Thanks again for checking us out today, guys. I know I found these tips really valuable in getting my quarterly numbers back on track. We’ve also got a lot of really great content in this space, inside our e-books, and also in our blog.

Would love for you to check it out if you’re interested!

Sales organizations have always been data-driven. Today’s sales organizations take that analytical heart, and scale it to the entire team, putting analytics to work for every team member and at every stage of the sales funnel.

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