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Resources for Job Seekers in the 2020 Economy

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Updated Jul. 12, 2022
Published Apr. 27, 2020

Our community is kind, generous, and thoughtful. They’ve proven themselves over and over through the years. It turns out that they’re not here just for the good times, they’re here for the hard times, too. They know that the market is uncertain and scary right now, and they’ve been graciously sharing their findings for job seekers with each other over recent days and weeks.

Now we’re sharing that with you.

Are we missing a resource or board we should know about? Email our head of community at and we will update!

Listings, boards, and round-ups

Coda: Begun by Doug Landis at Emergence Capital, Coda is now tracking a searchable and interactive list of more than 200 companies who are hiring sales people today.

MSP: If you’re in sales & revenue operations, sales enablement, sales leadership or sales systems management, you’ve likely heard of Modern Sales Pros. And if you haven’t, you should check ASAP.  While MSP is ordinarily an invite-only community (you can apply to join here), under the current circumstances, the fantastic folks there are now graciously sharing their weekly Recruiting Roundup with everyone, via this spreadsheet. In addition to public job postings, they also feature the opportunity for people who are employed but looking to post a private candidate profile without sharing their current info.

WorkThisWay: This job-matching resource is a partnership from HR tech startup ThisWay and AI startup Maslo, The resource is free to employers and job seekers (partially thanks to a contribution of cloud costs from Amazon Web Services), and analyzes registered job seekers’ details and sources jobs for applicants from one of more than 3,000 ThisWay partners to identify the best job matches.

Candor: A service that helps people negotiate job offers, the company has created a (user-generated) interactive Airtable listing of ~5,500 companies of all sizes and their current status who’s still hiring, who’s in a hiring freeze, and who’s pulling back offers. It’s updating constantly, and it’s especially helpful if you’re in active discussions with a company. Also, if you’ve been laid off, they are now keeping a Layoff Hiring List. Add your resume!

Patri via Bravado: Patri, which makes software that allows companies to prioritize bid opportunities they should pursue, started a thread in the Bravado community to view, post, and share new public sector-focused sales, marketing, proposal, enablement, customer success, or other GTM (go-to-market) job opportunities. The Coronavirus Tracker has tracked 170+ startup layoffs affecting 14,000+ tech employees since #COVID19 was declared a pandemic on March 11. In addition to listing companies with layoffs and employees laid off, they also track companies still hiring.

Jobscan: The site put together a compilation from multiple other public lists and news sources (including Candor and to create “The Ultimate List Of Companies Still Hiring.”

Remotive: Featuring remote work at startups all over the place, Remotive’s posts will redirect to the company’s application or careers page. While there are a lot of software development roles, they also have customer success/support and marketing and sales positions.

Glassdoor: With their lists of 60 companies hiring during COVID-19 and 33 other companies hiring now, you can kill two birds with one stone and check on a company’s reputation at the same time.

The Muse: An online careers site that focuses on matching employees to company cultures, they have a list of nearly 50 companies who are still hiring during COVID-19, and they’re updating it daily to stay current.

Forbes: Forbes has a great round-up of resources focused on remote job listings (note that many are freelancer or outsourcing platforms and may not include the benefits you’d get working directly for a company).

The National Retail Federation: Perhaps one of the most-impacted industries right now, the NRF is a retail trade association with members across the retail industry, from department stores to restaurant chains to businesses that supply goods and services to those retailers. Their COVID-19 job opportunities page lists companies who have announced plans to hire workers during this time.  

Monster: The job search site compiled a list of the 100 companies with the most new listings on, and the number of jobs posted. They will be updating this page for the top 100 each week.

Kiplinger: The business forecasting and finance news publication put together a list of 24 major  U.S. companies hiring now in response to coronavirus-sparked demand.

Techstars: The seed accelerator showcases 1700+ companies currently hiring for ~3,000 jobs in a searchable database. You can also fill out their contact form to be matched to relevant opportunities as they arise.  And if you’re a Techstars Portfolio company employee, they also created a Portfolio Talent List which connected individuals impacted by layoffs with their portfolio companies which are actively hiring.

Fortune: The global business magazine outlines more than a dozen national companies that have announced substantial hiring plans.

Business Insider: A roundup of “essential” businesses who are hiring for open positions to accommodate overwhelming demand.

MarketWatch: Detailing companies who are hiring to fill 474,000 openings amid coronavirus demand.

The One Club for Creativity: A non-profit that supports and celebrates the success of the global creative community, they created an ongoing collection of positions in the advertising industry during COVID-19.

Silver Lining: A free resource for employees and startups, supported by donations from the startup community. They have a great database of companies who are still hiring during the corona crisis, and easy ways to post a job or apply to those open positions.

Uber Work Hub: The rideshare app launched a new section that lists various job openings in the delivery, food production and grocery industry, which drivers located in the United States can access during the ride-share slump.

YCombinator: The seed accelerator not only has its regular job board for more than 400 YC startups here, they also started a Twitter thread on 4/9 asking founders to share open roles.

#DTC4Hire: In response to the worldwide impact of COVID-19, the Postscript team has created an ecommerce community job board as a way to support merchants, partners, and the people who make up the larger ecommerce community.

JBCSTYLE: The fashion industry staffing agency has a job board with opportunities specifically in the fashion and retail space. They help companies hire faster by identifying referred candidates from sources they trust, and you can leverage their network (also used by Techstars) by filling out your info here and searching the open jobs (1,700+ companies and 7,500+ roles).

Health departments: Both state health departments and public health nonprofits are hiring and training workers to do contact tracing to try and control the spread of COVID-19.

Knack for Engineers: Knack, the job-finding platform that connects job-seekers with qualified employment opportunities, just rolled out a new app free for job-seekers looking for engineering work (specifically focused on designers, software developers, cloud architects, devops and infrastructure engineers, roboticists, data scientists and other technical professionals).

RemoteWoman: The community of remote women and trusted, remote-first companies helps women find remote jobs at female-friendly companies. The media company, which runs tech news outs serving markets in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Delaware and the District of Columbia, is offering free job posts to companies on their jobs board. The  job seekers’ board itself covers roles from data science to marketing for the areas they serve, and includes virtual events and talent resources.

NoDesk: A curated collection of resources for digital nomads, freelancers and remote workers.

Layoffers: The “layoff community and network” connects those who have been laid off with recruiters. They skipped going through a private beta and moved directly into public beta in response to COVID-19.

We Work Remotely: The largest remote work community in the world, their job postings include roles in product, programming, devops, customer support and more.

Parachute: Created by Rocket, the Parachute site gathers multiple layoff lists together in one place, to help “exceptional employees land on their feet.”

Going local

Quite a few resources are also popping up at state and local levels, too!










New Jersey:

New York:

North Carolina:



  • Knoxville Chamber of Commerce: A list from the Knoxville Chamber of immediate open positions in the area, as well as a link to the UT Virtual Job Fair. The chamber will also keep applicants’ information on file and provide it to businesses hiring upon request.



Washington, D.C. area:

Additional resources


Are we missing a resource we should know about? Email our head of community at and we will update!