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Sales Blogs We Love: Where to go for insight in every sales role

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Updated Aug. 16, 2021
Published Jan. 2, 2020

Sales blogs to go to for insight in every sales role, from sales professionals to sales managers to sales leaders — aside from, of course! (Not that we’re biased…)

For Sales Professionals:

The Sales Blog (Anthony Iannarino) | Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, author, and sales leader. He posts daily sales tips and insights to The Sales Blog.

The Make It Happen Sales Blog (John Barrows) | Posts from John Barrows, leading B2B sales trainer and founder of JBarrows Consulting.

A Sales Guy (Jim Keenan) | Award-winning blog offering solutions, insights and actionable sales tips to grow sales in the 21st-Century.

Cerebral Selling (David Priemer) | Articles and insights from David Priemer, Founder and CEO of Cerebral Selling. A sales practice built on the cornerstone principles of science and empathy.

The Sales Hunter Blog (Mark Hunter) | Posts from Mark Hunter: Sales speaker, trainer, and consultant.

Sandler Training Blog | Top Sales World named the Sandler Blog one of the Top 50 Blogs for 2018.

Growthbound Blog (DiscoverOrg) | Stay growthbound with the latest tips and tricks for sales, marketing, and recruiting. Follow trending techniques and hear from industry experts.

Quotable Sales Blog (Salesforce) | Quotable is a regularly updated destination for exclusive, helpful, thought-provoking, and entertaining articles that benefit sales leaders, managers, and reps.

Sales Training Tips & Techniques (Jeff Shore) | Practical, real-world sales strategies, techniques and tips to help you win the sale. Top sales blogs ranked by Top Sales World and Rise Global.

For Sales Leaders & Sales Managers:

No More Cold Calling (Joanne Black) | Posts from Joanne Black: America’s leading authority on referral selling.

Selling Power Blog (Gerhard Gschwandtner) | News and Insight for Sales Leaders.

Sales Technology Stack Blog (Nancy Nardin) | Find articles about sales and marketing technology to help you build your sales stack.

The Sales Leader (Colleen Francis) | Cutting Edge Strategies for Sales Leaders by Colleen Francis

CloserIQ Blog | Weekly advice from CloserIQ’s network of 30,000+ sales leaders

The Center for Sales Strategy Blog | The Center for Sales Strategy covers topics important for B2B sales organizations under the categories of Talent, Sales, Sales Management, Inbound Marketing and Digital Sales.

TopLine Leadership Sales Management Blog | Get instant tips on sales management and advice right to your email inbox.

For Sales Managers & Sales Reps

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Blog | The #1 sales blog by Jeffrey Gitomer

Predictable Revenue Blog | Read about the latest B2B Sales Trends on the Predictable Revenue Blog.

Salesfolk (Heather Morgan) | Learn the secrets to writing magnetic emails that start genuine conversations.

Art Sobczak’s Smart Calling Blog | How to Tips and Rants on Cold Calling, Inside Sales, Telesales and All Sales Training

Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies | Get fresh sales strategies from Jill Konrath. Discover how to crack into new accounts, speed up sales and win more business.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions | The LinkedIn Sales Blog is a top resource for sales professionals – learn about social selling, top sales strategies, and Sales Navigator tips and tricks.

Marc Wayshak’s Sales Blog | Sales tips, sales advice, sales strategy

Sales Gravy (Jeb Blount) | Thousands of free sales articles, videos, podcasts, tips, training, and advice by the top sales experts, authors, and trainers.

Sales Shape Up (Jeff Beals) | Join 18,000 other weekly subscribers who get new articles personally authored by Jeff Beals delivered to you every week designed to keep you on the cutting edge of the sales profession.

Your SalesMBA Blog (Jeff Hoffman)  | If it’s sales training you need the MJ Hoffman blog will not disappoint. Filled with industry-leading sales training, expertise it covers B2B and B2C sales along with inside and outside sales training, info that took 20 years to acquire. Stop by and read today.

Sales & Marketing Together:

Sales Source (Geoffrey James) |  With over 50 years of combined SaaS Sales experience, we have tons of advice we’d like to share with you.

The Sales Lion Blog (Marcus Sheridan) | The latest in company growth, leadership, and keynote speaking.

B2B Sales Professionals:

The Sales Review (Sales for Life) | Tactics, technology and strategies to align with the modern buyer including social selling, digital, and other advanced best practices.

Sales Hacker | The World’s Largest Community for B2B Sales

Tibor Shanto’s Sales Blog |  Posts from Tibor Shanto: 25-year veteran of B2B sales, Tibor has developed an insider’s hands-on perspective of successful sales execution

Inbound and Inside Sales Professionals:

Heinz Marketing | The latest on B2B sales and marketing trends and best practices for demand generation, sales pipeline development and marketing performance management.

Inside Sales Experts Blog (The Bridge Group) | Sharing modern thinking on the metrics, models, and motions for inside sales — SDR, AE, and CSM insights from The Bridge Group.

AA-ISP Knowledge Center | Inside Sales White Papers, Best Practices, Webinars, and Expert Panel Q&A

SaaS Sales:

OpenView Labs (OpenView Partners) | OpenView’s blog is insights, actionable advice & founder interviews aimed at helping you grow your expansion stage software company.

SaaStr |  Grow your SaaS company with industry-leading tips, tricks and best practices.

Datanyze Blog |  Insights and tactics for sales and marketing professionals