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Sales Development Activities Can Make or Break Your Team

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Updated Aug. 5, 2021
Published Nov. 9, 2016

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you don’t schedule your life, your life will schedule you. It’s the theory of opposites, y’all, and the struggle is real. When it comes to sales development activities, it’s all about focusing on the right metrics, and truly planning each day to optimize the best actions for every single minute.

In the beginning stages of mapping out sales development activities, it may seem as if sales metrics are placing value on quantity above quality, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you’re performing repeatable and predictable behaviors — ones that are continually optimized based on recorded and measurable analytics — quantity and quality can go hand-in-hand.

That’s why we’re excited to welcome fellow sales development advocate, and Team Lead over at Terminus, Morgan Ingram, to talk about how he takes back control of his day by scheduling, predicting, and anticipating sales development activities. Watch the video below and get prepared and ready for the fight as an SDR:



Hey everyone, it’s Morgan Ingram here, SDR Team Lead at Terminus and I’m super thrilled to be here today on SDR TV.

The topic I’m going to go into today is how to get your schedule organized as an SDR. The real context around this is making sure that you have something that every single day you go into the battle as an SDR, that you actually have some type of organization with your life. And as I always say, if you don’t schedule your life, your life will schedule you. So, if you’re able to have something scheduled out and organized for your SDR journey, then you’re going to have more organized results, and all the stuff that you really want at the end of the day will come towards you because you were prepared and ready for the fight as an SDR.

So tip number one is that you have to find the right time that you need to be calling or e-mailing. So that could be, hey, you’re a morning person, so you get here early. I get here early at Terminus at seven o’clock in the morning. It could be hey I’m a later person so you come in at eight but you stay at six o’clock to get those late calls and late e-mails. Finding the right time for you is best because that’s when you’re going to have your best results, that’s when you’re going to feel comfortable, and when you’re comfortable, your prospects feel comfortable and will want to give you that demo.

So tip number two is that you have to find the peak times to call your prospects. So for example, I do 8:30 to 10am. Those are the times I call my prospects because I love the morning time. But if you’re an afternoon person, three to five is a great time for you to call, as well. With these peak call times that you organize on your calendar for your schedule, you’re locked in. You’re focused. You’re going to call your prospects, and because you’re locked in, you’re going to get the results that you want.

So tip number three is an organized schedule gives you better results. And so when I first started here at Terminus as an SDR, I was really disjointed. I did the hustle. I did the work. I made the calls. I did the e-mails — but I never saw the true correlation of steady results because I didn’t have a schedule organized. With that organized schedule, you get steady results. You have a steady mindset and you accomplish the goals that you want to hit. I’ve seen beneficial results in my personal life and professional life because I’ve stayed close to my schedule, and every single day I know what I’m getting into.

So in conclusion everyone, I hope that just everyone really gained value from this video. I hope that everyone goes out today and creates a schedule for their SDR journey and for their personal journey. And I really had a thriller
here today at SDR TV, and I’ll see you guys soon.

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