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Sales Efficiency Tools that Add More Time for Selling

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Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Aug. 5, 2016

The volume of prospects, problems, and tasks for a SaaS sales rep is growing by the minute. Software is a competitive field, and in order to be successful, certain sales efficiency tools are required to help ensure that your reps end the day on top.

Take a recent Accenture study that revealed a heartbreaking statistic: over 64% of an average salesperson’s day is spent on non-revenue-related tasks. And while that may seem mind-blowing to most managers, it’s not far from the truth for most reps sales performance on a daily basis. That’s where sales efficiency tools and tricks come into play.

Today on SDR TV’s Sales Tips, we have Salesloft Account Executive Clint Green here to talk to you about how to use different sales efficiency tools and techniques in order to be more efficient with your time throughout the selling hours. Watch the video below to learn more:

Video Transcript on Clint’s Sales Efficiency Tools:

Hey my name is Clint Green. I’m the team lead for our Enterprise sales team here at Salesloft.

Today, we’re going to focus all of our attention on the three tips for adding more efficiency into your day so you can spend more time on the golf course and a little bit less time doing busy work.

So tip number one is adding efficiency to your day by leveraging your calendar. Every morning when I come in, from eight to nine, is my follow up email task section, 12 to 12:30 is usually lunch. I might do a cold calling hour, where I actually turn off my inbox.

Whatever it is you need to do during the day to get all of your task done schedule it out from morning until the second you want to leave, and you’d be surprised by how much you’re going to add into your day when you have those little pop-up alerts that come up saying, “Hey, now is the time time to stop doing this task and go on to this one.”

So tip number two is about using efficiency tools. You can find them for cheap. You can almost get them for free sometimes. Some of my favorites are going to be around the calendar.

You’ve got Calendly, and you also have Those two apps allow you to put in a link in the bottom of your email which give your prospects an opportunity to click on a link and just schedule a meeting with you from there.

I also really enjoy aText. aText is a tool that allows me to create shortcuts on my computer. So if I type out SL that means Salesloft, I do TC that means then Thanks Clint shows up on my screen. Common questions, phrases, or things that you have to answer back in emails you can shortcut that to a one word phrase, you type it out, and the whole thing appears.

That’s going to help you be more efficient, and the biggest take away from that is that 64.3% of our day, according to Accenture study, is spent doing non-revenue-producing sales activities.

So tip number three is all around creating a process. So that when you get in the morning, it’s not 40 open tasks inside of SalesForce, that one may be an email one may be a call number seven, it’s having a predictable and scalable, repeatable process.

And you can either leverage our Cadence tool for this or someone else in this space, but that’s going to add a lot of efficiency to your day. When you know that I’ve got 30 people on step three of this Cadence, 20 people on step nine of that Cadence, I can create these predetermined steps for different homogeneous groups.

Now when I come in the morning, all I have to do is just execute them in my pre-templated emails. I can push send on them. I can edit them before they go out to make them a bit more personalized. But that allows me to get all of my prospecting work or my follow-up work done in just a short amount of time.

So those are my three tips for adding more efficiency into your day, hitting the golf course more, and doing less busy work. If you have any comments in the below section on what tools you may be using we can all find that helpful, so just go ahead and right it down and we appreciate you joining us.

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