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3 Ways Sales Engagement Platforms Support Field Sales

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Jul. 18, 2018

If your organization includes both inside and field (outside) sales professionals, coordination between the two teams is essential. When they work together, it creates a seamless process that promotes collaboration and contributes to overall sales success. To promote collaboration, organizations should invest in a Sales Engagement platform that allows for visibility between the teams, helps prioritize sales leads, and improves time management.

Sean Southworth, an Account Executive at Salesloft, shares with us three ways he uses the Salesloft platform to master field sales. Sean relies on the platform to align communication between the office and field teams, with the end goal of providing customers a seamless, personalized buying experience.

Video Transcript

Sean Southworth here, Account Executive with Salesloft. Today, I’d like to talk to you about using sales engagement software as a field rep. There are several ways you can prospect as a field sales rep, and I’m going to show you three ways that I use Salesloft to master field sales.

1. Prioritize Leads and Create Targeted Cadences to Reach Them

First, I’d like to talk about prioritizing leads. Being on the road means time management is crucial and you often have a large territory to manage. In order to stay in front of opportunities, I create multiple cadences focused on each initiative I’m working. I also use Live Feed, which allows me to see actions in real time, and this is where speed to lead comes into play. When top target accounts are active, say, viewing or clicking on emails, I can strike when the iron is hot and connect with them when I know they’re viewing my content. It’s all about timing and being top-of-mind with your customers when the opportunity presents itself.

2. Coordinate and Communicate With Teams in the Office

Having a supportive team in the office that I can rely on is critical for a field sales rep. Since field reps are in transit a lot, it’s beneficial for in-office team members to have a clear insight into what I’m doing within an account so we can strategically target it together. Good communication between all team members helps ensure that no information is lost. In-office support frees up time for field reps like me to focus on my upcoming meetings. It also positions your organization as aligned and creates a team mentality that we all succeed together.

3. Use Cadences for Fast, Effective Follow-up After Meetings

Lastly, I create cadences to quickly and efficiently follow-up from on-site meetings, because the worst thing that can happen after you’ve spent all the time on-site with the prospect is for you to drop the ball and not follow-up. The cadences I use have templates embedded with bullet points so I can quickly follow-up and stay efficient and on point. This allows me to stay personalized and focused without spending a lot of time crafting my follow-up messaging.

Thanks for watching. I hope you’ve learned a little bit about how to use Sales Engagement software as a field rep. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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