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Sales Events to Look Forward to in 2017

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Updated Aug. 5, 2021
Published Dec. 28, 2016

As we gaze ahead to the new year, there’s so much to look forward to in the modern sales community. From new advances in product and technology, to exciting sales events on the horizon, 2017 is sure to be abuzz with innovation, collaboration, and thought-leadership across the board.

To get some insight into the can’t-miss sales events of the new year, Salesloft’s Director of Marketing and Events Tami McQueen gave us the rundown of when and where to be for the best opportunities to meet, greet, and learn in 2017. Here are the some of the sales events where you can find us in the new year:


This coming February 7th-9th, SaaStr is hosting SaaStr Annual 2017, where around 10,000 attendees will pack out the The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Get ready for three full days of high-quality networking, actionable insights from leaders like Greg Schott, CEO of Mulesoft, and Jason Greene, Founder of Emergence Capital, and Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures, and many more. Get a head start by checking out these 11 tips to get the best ROI on your event sponsorships.

Visit the event site here.

“SaaStr is the largest community of people who like enterprise software on the planet. It’s a great community of people trying to build companies and learn from one another.”

– Aaron Levie, CEO, Cofounder and Chairman of Box


Spanning the three days of March 1st-3rd, Salesloft is hosting the third consecutive Rainmaker 2017 conference, a modern sales conference for sales development, sales operations and sales leadership. All throughout Atlanta’s Loews Hotel, 800+ modern leaders for software and tech enabled businesses, world class thought leaders are coming together to gain the right technology, the right knowledge, the right connections, and the drive to succeed in the fast paced industry of sales. Rainmaker 2017 will provide attendees with each of these in spades. You won’t leave the same sales professional you were when you arrived.

Visit the event site here.

“”Rainmaker is the ideal opportunity to foster the most important relationships with your target market that will bring affinity to the company, and provide modern sales insight from the best in the industry.

It’s one the most exciting times to spend three full days with our customers, hear firsthand accounts of what they are working on, and connect with our partners.””Tami McQueen, Director of Marketing and Events at Salesloft

Revenue Summit

Right on the heels of Rainmaker comes Revenue Summit 2017, Sales Hacker and #FlipMyFunnel’s high-growth sales and marketing event on March 7th-9th. Gathering at Pier 27 in San Francisco, a combination of Sales and Marketing Ops, as well as Sales and Marketing Leadership teams will be joining to leverage innovative technologies to build highly efficient revenue machines, and sharing actionable sales and marketing content to drive results for the full cycle from demand generation, to pipeline, to close.

Visit the event site here.

“We are in the age of modern B2B, where marketing and sales need to partner together to serve the customer. The Revenue Summit, brings the best and the brightest minds to help you modernize your organization at scale.”

– Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing

TOPO Sales Summit

Don’t stray from from the Bay Area, because on April 12th-13th, our go-to sales analysts from TOPO are bringing over 1,000 sales and marketing leaders from the world’s best companies back to Pier 27 for TOPO Summit to share best practices, patterns, and plays for driving exceptional growth. You can expect an intensive, engaging learning experience at the Sales Summit that offers attendees over 45 sessions and workshops across 6 dedicated tracks on today’s hottest sales and marketing topics: Sales Leadership, Account-Based Everything, Sales Development, Sales Effectiveness, Sales Ops and Technology, and finally, Marketing Ops and Technology.

Visit the event site here.

“The best forum to learn from other high growth sales leaders.”

– Lars Nilsson, VP Global Inside Sales at Cloudera


Come the fall, we’ll all be back in San Francisco for the big kahuna, the biggest of all of the tech and sales events, Salesforce’s annual conference: Dreamforce 2017. The Moscone Center will once again be packed to the brim, full of business leaders, executives, and likely a few inspirational celebrities, as well. The can’t miss part of the event every year? The keynote event from the one and only Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce. Saddle up for a week full of insights, inspiration, and so much more. In our fourth consecutive year at the event, Salesloft has found Dreamforce to be second only to Rainmaker as the greatest opportunity to connect with our customers from coast to coast.

Visit the event site here.

“If you’re in SaaS marketing, Dreamforce is a big deal. It’s also one of the most exciting weeks of the year. The energy and hustle in the office is off the charts and stepping onto the floor at the Moscone Center is electric; an experience I hope everyone has the opportunity to one day experience…at least once.”

-Tami McQueen, Director of Marketing and Events at Salesloft

Stay tuned for more news, information, and announcements as we prepare for our own event, Rainmaker 2017, and get ready for a year full of high-velocity growth and learning in the modern sales era. Before you ring in the New Year, register for special team pricing while Early Bird ticket sales last! Individual and team tickets go up on 1/1/17. Who’s with us?

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