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Hack Your Way to Rainmaker Status: Sales Hacker Series Atlanta

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Jun. 13, 2015

We’re going to play a quick game of word association:

Hollywood Walk of Fame…
Golden Gate Bridge…
Top Tech Startups…

Chances are, you said “California” for each of these phrases. Well, considering the first two are pretty locked in, the only one up for grabs is “Top Tech Startups.” Here at Salesloft, we motion to change that association to “Atlanta,” and here’s why.

For the second year running, the Sales Hacker Series is coming to Atlanta, y’all. On June 24th, Salesloft and Max Altschuler are joining forces in Ponce City Market’s General Assembly to share the latest and greatest in sales development. SaaS is at the top of it’s game right now, and we’re gathering some of the strongest influencers in the biz to share their stories.

Side note: PCM is now home to quite a few tech companies, including card-linked marketing pioneer, Cardlytics, and email-marketing guru, MailChimp — soon to be joined by Twitter, Pinterest, and Instacart local offices.

We’re shaking it up a bit, too, so get ready for a new format for the event, along with a big announcement from Salesloft’s Kyle Porter that will have the industry buzzing!

You HAVE to be there. Need a little more convincing? Take it from these guys:

Watch out Silicon Valley, we’re taking over. #FILA

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