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Sales Management Strategies for Strong SDR Team Leads, A Sales Tips Video

3 min read
Apr. 27, 2016

Sales management strategies can make or break your team’s success. A sales pipeline without a steady stream of qualified meetings set by a well-oiled SDR team can be unpredictable. At the worst, the stream runs dry, and Account Executives are left without new opportunities. That’s why it’s crucial to have a Sales Development Team Lead devoted entirely to sales management strategies for growing, training, and improving your SDR team.

An organization’s Sales Development Team Lead must be a self-starter, while also combatting top of the funnel objections and still cold calling, themselves. If a rep can’t answer the hard the tough questions, implement a strong process, and be an expert of the product, then they’re likely not cut out for the role.

Today we have Angela Kirkland, Sales Development Team Lead at Salesloft, here to talk you through her sales management strategies for becoming a successful Sales Development Team Lead. Watch the video below to get her insights about sales leadership, and how her journey as a Team Lead has improved by implementing these tactics.

Video Transcription:

Hey rainmakers. This is Angela Kirkland with Salesloft and I am an SDR team lead. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about three qualities that you all can embody to be a successful lead for your team.

So the first one I want to discuss is self-starting attitude. No one comes to you and says hey, we want you to be the leader of the team. It’s just something that you really have to inherently own, and decide for yourself and really take ownership of it. You’re going to look out for the best interests of the team.

Number 2 is, along side of that, leadership comes from social interaction. If you’re working in a bull pin with your team day to day, you need to be there and show empathy and work with your teammates, and take the time to answer questions, and get to know each other. I’m sure as you all know, there’s natural leaders you have on the team that you go to with questions, and those are the people that are really going to stand out and be the best leaders that the team is already naturally kind of going to.

So in the third one today, we’re going to chat about is becoming a team lead. You really need to get good with your organizational and time management skills. You’re going to have added responsibilities on your plate. This is usually including on-boarding new employees, or maybe helping out with the interview process. You’re still going to be responsible for hitting quota, exceeding quota, and setting that example for the team.

So, those are my three quick tips for today. I hope you guys can get some value out of them and start implementing them soon to help with your leadership skills. Thanks.

Angela’s Sales Management Strategies For Successful Team Leads:

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