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How to Use SalesLoft Integrations to Make Your Day More Efficient {Video}

3 min read
Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Mar. 14, 2018

How much of your day do you spend bouncing between various apps and tabs on your desktop?  It’s time-consuming!  At Salesloft, we know your time is valuable.  That’s why we’ve made it easy to access your favorite apps right inside of the Salesloft platform with our new app marketplace.

Watch the video for the three specific apps our Commercial Account Executive, Andy Moye, uses within our platform to make his day more efficient.



Hey, Andy Moye here. Today I want to talk to you about how Salesloft integrations can make your day more efficient. While more tools provide more power, it’s difficult to use each one of them when they’re disconnected. Looking between different tabs and apps can be time-consuming and take away from what our job is actually to do, and that’s to sell. That’s why the best sales-engagement platforms like Salesloft give you the power to have all of your apps connected in one central location. Let’s take a look at a few of these integrations and how easy it is to access them right inside of our platform.

Sales is typically a busy atmosphere, and trying to research, connect with prospects can be difficult when you’re working with many opportunities at one time. Now I want to share with you three tools that are embedded in the Salesloft platform that make our most successful reps efficient every day.

Personally, I have a lot of success using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Owler, and Gong. LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets me enrich my research on my prospects and customers that really helps me build that rapport, and have a good idea of who they are going into a conversation. For instance, I like to pull up a prospect’s career journey and the college they attended to maybe drop and help personalize a message in my conversation.

On a business level, Owler almost replaces Google for you and allows you to have all relative information on the organization without having to go off into a separate tab. You know, for example, easily being able to see leadership changes and funding announcements really helps me trigger a conversation.

The last integration I want to share with you is Gong, which analyzes and records all of your calls. This is helpful in many facets as I’m able to go back and review all of my calls and demos to make sure that I’m not missing out on any of their pains and that I’m adding value every step of the way.

Having all of these tools directly in one application saves me a huge amount of time. But the process should be easy from install to use. With a ton of integrations at your fingertips, prospects and customers should be able to browse and install these apps on their own. That’s why Salesloft recently released a marketplace, so you can pick and choose the integration partners that are right for you. You can browse and search on a specific app, see details, videos, and screenshots, and even directly install it from the marketplace.

Thank you so much for watching. I hope you learned a lot today about our integrations and the wonderful partners we have here at Salesloft. Please feel free to leave some comments below. Hope you have a wonderful day.