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SalesLoft Meets SaaStr in Silicon Valley

5 min read
Jan. 28, 2016

If you’re active on social media channels, there’s no denying that the #SaaStrAnnual team has Silicon Valley sizzling ahead of the second Annual SaaStr Summit in the Bay.

First time attending SaaStr Annual? Undoubtedly, you have an insane amount of questions (and almost as many expectations). It’s going to be huge.

It was once said, “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” So buckle up rainmakers, it’s about to take off at SaaStr, you’re in for the ride of your life!

Top 7 Tips To Succeed at SaaStr


We all know that the event begins well before you touch down on the tarmac at SFO. Go ahead and familiarize yourself with the lay of the land, agenda, and start making connections with the close to five thousand (whoa!) attendees.

In between mobile airline check-ins and navigating your Uber routes, use the official event app to your advantage and plot your plan of attack. With a world-class speaker lineup on tap, ensure that you’ve aligned your schedule to gain the most value from the content superhighway.

Pro-Tip: You can bookmark sessions within the app – great way to keep your priorities straight.


You’ve likely set aside a pretty penny from your budget and managerial buy-in to attend one of the hottest SaaS summits of the year. But what you put in is what you get out. Knowing what you want to gain is the first and most important step you’ll take.

Are you going to learn as much as you can and take it home to the team? Are you seeking opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals, make an intro to a prospect you’ve been hunting down for the past few months, or a hard-core lead gen approach? Figure out your objectives for attending before you start packing your bags.


Yes, you do have specific people in your cadence you know will be attending. You know you want to get in front of them, so set up a meeting in advance.

Trying to talk to one of the speakers after the sessions will be tough. There’s usually a “sno-cone on the first day of summer” effect after the sessions, so you’ll only get a few seconds, max. Not enough to make an impression, let alone get your business card or appointment on deck. If you ask for a 10 minute meeting ahead of time, maybe you can have a cup of coffee with them… or better yet, size up the bourbon bar.

PRO-TIP: Here’s the deal with business cards: the one who holds the card, holds the control. Instead of passing out handfuls and crossing your fingers for an email, gather them instead. And say so long to overflowing pockets and purses — just snap a picture of the card and save it into Evernote to follow up later. No lost cards = no lost contacts.


You laugh, but it’s true. You will need a survival guide for what’s been dubbed as the “mini-Dreamforce”. Here’s a checklist that might be most helpful:

  • Make sure all devices are fully charged (and take an external phone charger).
  • Know all passwords and logins for fast appointment setting, sans technical difficulities.
  • Meal plan — whether as a meeting, a team regroup, or a moment alone to recharge.
  • Hydrate and caffeinate. This is beast mode, so be prepared.
  • Take an advil in the morning, wear gel-insoles in your shoes — anything to maximize comfort throughout a helluva week on your feet.

PRO-TIP: Dress to impress. This may be tech town, but it sure ain’t sophomore sweats and converse central. You’ll be meeting some of the most influential people in your industry. You want to talk to them and be remembered? Make sure you’re well represented.


Take the time to talk to sponsors on the expo floor – it’s one of the most highly targeted and qualified conversation opportunities you might have. And you can walk right up to them. Research the partners before you go. Make a hit-list of those you want to connect with and map out your stroll strategically.


These are the most important people you can meet at SaaStr. Make it your mission to connect with as many customers as you possibly can. Talk to them. And really listen. Understand their pain points, what they’re struggling with, and celebrate their successes that they share. This is the greatest opportunity you will have to make an impact, with the people who mean the most to your business.

These are your biggest fans — your advocates. This is your highest priority – for you and for your entire company at home.


The SaaStr team is going all out this year! There are no shortage of opportunities to connect at social events throughout the week. Make it a point to introduce yourself to at least three different people at each event. Go with the intention of helping others and how can you add value to them — not what they can do for you.

PRO-TIP: Follow up with each person with a short note, and reference your conversation. Attendees will have 100s of mini conversations each day – make an impact and follow up.


Join the @Salesloft team at #SaaStrAnnual, and meet us at Booth 5 at the entrance. Whether you’re a customer, an advocate, or even a competitor — we’d love to meet you. Let’s team up and attack this first big SaaS event of the year with the confidence of a helmeted Super Bowler heading into battle.