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SDRs Must Not Lick Their Wounds, Lest They Perish

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Updated Aug. 25, 2020
Published Jun. 29, 2015

Here’s the scene, a room full of sales development reps, cold calling. Everybody is on the phone… hustling, grinding, dialing, working to get through to their prospects.

Everyone can hear everyone else. They feed off each others’ energy, vibe, and it goes both ways — negative and positive.

One of the colleagues gets a bad one on the line, a rude prospect on the other end gives ’em hell, talks some shit, maybe then they get hung up on. It happens every day.

What the SDR does next is vital. It’s a make it or break it trait.

The wrong SDRs do this:

They tell the story to the team. They lick their wounds. They tell everyone what an A-hole that prospect was, why they got hung up, what was said…’blah, blah, blah.’ They’re wasting their time and everyone else’s. In the time of that weak story, a team of 10 could have made a call each. And for what? To save face?

But what about the best SDRs, what do they do?

They shrug their shoulders, smile, and dial the next one. They don’t give a #%&!

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