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Set Legit Demos on the Floor at Dreamforce

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Sep. 3, 2015

If you’re headed to Dreamforce in a few weeks, then it’s time to gear up and prepare to set a ton of qualified demos on the event floor at Moscone. With a conference of this magnitude, you’re about to be in the same arena as all of your most ideal clients — IN PERSON. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet these folks and make lasting prospect connections.

Think about it — with email, it’s a whole lot easier for prospects to say “no.” And virtually no one even answers the phone anymore. But on the event floor at tradeshows and conferences, it’s nearly impossible for prospects to say no to a qualified appointment when they’re talking to a rep face-to-face. This in-person connection drives commitment for both parties.

But we all know what happens next. Prospects fall through the cracks, avoid your calls and emails, and then before you know it, the demo disappears.

Well, not at Dreamforce 2015. A few weeks ago, Salesloft CEO Kyle Porter nailed down the specific questions to ask prospects at events that will will ensure that you set more qualified, reliable, legitimate demos on the floor. Here’s a quick reminder of the phrases you should pocket for this September’s conference:

1. “Can I have your word?”

You’ve asked the right questions and showed off your product. They’ve bought in (or so they say). Once they agree to “take a look”, you can ask this question:

“I’m glad you’re interested in Salesloft. I know it’s easy to commit on the floor but then let it slip away once you get back in the grind at the office. I feel like we can really help each other and would love your word that we’re actually going to meet. Can I have your word you’ll take a demo and consultation?”

This double commit will go a long way to getting your meetings.

2. “Would you pull out your phone so we can find two times?”

If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen. After confirming the double commit, ask this:

“Sweet, I’m excited to set this up. If you’re like most of the busy execs I speak with, your calendar holds the keys. Would you pull out your phone so we can find two times?”

3. “What are the chances you’ll have to reschedule or that something will come in conflict?”

As above, this helps you drive commitment. Prospects will be less likely to miss the meeting if they put their word on it.

With all of the build up leading into this year’s conference, you want to be prepared to walk away valuable connections. We’ll all be in San Fran in just twelve days, so it’s time to get game day ready and practice these commitment-driving questions to ensure you set (and actually follow through with) qualified demos on the floor at Dreamforce 2015.


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