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Setting Expectations in Your Dreamforce Sales Conversations

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Updated Aug. 5, 2021
Published Sep. 28, 2016

Some salespeople treat sales conversations like a game of Texas Hold ‘Em — analyzing the deck, not showing their cards too early, and playing it close to the vest. And while this may be a good tactic during the buying process, it’s going to repel prospects on the event floor at Dreamforce.

When you’re trying to vie for time on your prospects’ calendars, the most important tone to adopt during your Dreamforce sales conversations is one of transparency and up-front expectation setting. There’s so many vendors and so little time at a massive software conference like this, so you have to lay it all out on the table.

Salesloft Account Executive Danny Garcia is here today on SDR TV’s episode of Sales Tips to talk about his newest lesson in setting expectations in sales conversations. From admitting your intentions, to outlining your conversation’s agenda, and letting the prospect know from the very beginning what the meeting is about, you’re going to be more likely to stand out amongst the other players at the roundtable. Watch the video below to learn more!

Danny Garcia’s Tips on Setting Expectations in Your Dreamforce Sales Conversations:

Hi, my name is Danny Garcia, and I’m an Account Executive here at Salesloft. Today, I want to talk to you about setting expectations, and go over how this has helped me in my current opportunities, and most importantly, how it can help you get ready for this year’s Dreamforce.

Setting expectations is extremely important early on in the process. And it can also be for your benefit to outline the best path of a purchase for both parties. This is honestly something that I started steering away from, but after a recent conversation with our newest sales manager, I made it a priority to implement for myself. I’ve seen a dramatic change in my conversations.

For example, on your first call, it helps to outline an agenda of talking points that you want to discuss with your prospect. It helps to make sure that that’s what they had in mind for the conversation, and it should also guide the conversation at the very end of the call to get the best next steps that every sales person looks for.

For those of you going to Dreamforce, during your initial conversation with your prospects, it’s great to be able to outline exactly what you want to talk to them about. Because we all know that there’s a ton of noise going on at Dreamforce, and it’s hard to get time on that calendar with that prospect.

Doing that will show your prospect that one, you thought of them, and then two, that there’s a legitimate purpose behind the meeting. And it’ll ensure you that you’ll actually get that time on the calendar that you ask for.

And this is our booth, number 1613. Come meet me there. I hope you enjoyed today’s sales tips, and that they actually showed some value for your team. If you haven’t already, book some time with us at Dreamforce by going here, and then you can pick up some free swag along the way. Thanks.

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