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Share More Than Just a Sales Pitch, A Sales Tips Video

2 min read
Oct. 28, 2015

Good sales reps know how to pitch to prospects. Great reps know how to tell a story. Genuinely engaging your prospective customers is the most effective way to reaching them on a human level, and by sharing a story, personalizing your message, or otherwise proving to them that you’re not just another rep — you’re going to be more likely to grow that relationship.

Check out Salesloft Account Executive Chris Smith and VP of Sales Derek Grant as they share their pro tips on reaching prospects on a personal level.



Chris’s tactic around storytelling is both genuine and effective. By sharing a personal experience on your process, or just an entertaining story that engages prospects, you’re reminding them that you’re a human reaching out to another human — not just a rep looking for an opportunity. On top of being a great storyteller, you have to get personal.

Derek’s tips for doing a little homework beforehand to get to know your prospect is a simple and essential way to appeal to your customer. All it takes is one line in an email or one quip on a call to let the prospect know that you’re here to talk, not just pitch. In SaaS, we’re almost all salespeople selling to salespeople. And to stand out, you have to find a more personal way to reach prospects. Begin with personalization and tell a good story, and you’re sure to find that your prospects are more responsive to you as a rep and a human being.

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