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Success With Salesforce For Full Cycle Reps [INFOGRAPHIC]

2 min read
Dec. 27, 2016

Sales is a challenging job, there’s no doubt about it. And there’s no harder job in the sales profession than being a full cycle rep.

Full cycle sales reps are sales professionals that manage the entire sales process, from prospecting to close and everything in between.

Not only are you out prospecting for new leads like and SDR, you have to turn around and work those deals to close like an account executive. Fortunately, the right tools can go a long way toward making this enormous task a lot more manageable. While Salesforce was built long before personalized sales engagement took the place of old school sales tactics, it still functions as an incredible database for full cycle sales reps to manage, work, and advance their leads. With the right sales engagement tool and a seamless integration, you can turn Salesforce from a simple customer relationship management tool into a supercharged sales machine.

We created the following infographic to help full cycle sales reps get the most out of salesforce and their Sales Engagement platform:


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