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Supercharged Sales Calls: The Best of Sales Tips

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Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Jun. 20, 2016

It’s almost here… the one year anniversary of SDR TV’s most popular video series: Sales Tips! With actionable insights like how to make supercharged sales calls, using best practices with email personalization, and learning leadership lessons from some of our resident sales influencers, this series has been every reps one stop shop for sales tips.

To celebrate the anniversary and refresh your memories, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite Sales Tips playlists — just for you! Up today: all things supercharged sales calls.

Watch the playlist to hear techniques for supercharged sales calls!

In today’s SaaS-level of cold calling, Sales Development Reps need to become sales call machines in order to hit their monthly quota. First up, we have SDR Team Lead, Jordan Arogeti, sharing her 4 tips on how to supercharge sales calls and your cold calling process. Watch as she describes how she uses modern technology to her advantage in order to spend more of her time on revenue-building activity.

Next up: let’s talk voicemails. Voicemails are a tough subject in the cold-calling world. And here to help us navigate the voicemail waters is another powerhouse SDR Team Lead, Jay Warden. You want to leave something memorable and meaningful, but you also want to keep it short and concise. Finding the right balance of those two concepts comes from practicing a few of Jay’s simple strategies.

And finally, don’t change that channel, because SDR Manager, Chuck Jones, is closing out our supercharged sales calls advice by sharing his personal tips behind understanding call metrics. By understanding your call metrics, and improving your sales conversations, you’re on the right path to scale your process as an SDR, and do more than just hit your call numbers for the day/week/month.

SDRs have enough on their plate trying to achieve their numbers — so our goal is to give them the best environment to focus on what they’re here to do: build sales relationships. And with the modern sales development technology available, increasing your number of positive conversations and supercharged sales calls — without sacrificing quality — is now possible.

Want to learn more ways to supercharge sales calls? Check out our free eBook below and start taking advantage of technology to accelerate efficiency, maximize performance, and increase conversations today!