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The Tech Inbound SDRs Need to Maximize Response Time

3 min read
Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Sep. 27, 2017

Few things light a fire under a sales development rep more than a new inbound lead. When a lead fills out a form, downloads some content, or takes any other type of inbound action, an experienced SDR knows that time is of the essence.

Luckily, the right technology can help you respond to leads lickity-split. Tools like Slack can instantly notify you of interactions people have with your website on your desktop or from your phone. With platforms like Salesloft, automation rules allow you to add inbound leads directly to Salesforce. Automation can even important leads into Salesloft cadences that automatically send emails. This immediate action lets you strike while your potential lead is still hot.

Blake Edwards, Inbound SDR extraordinaire here at Salesloft, joins us for this edition of Sales Tips to discuss the technology that helps him swiftly respond to all of his inbound leads.


Hey everyone, Blake here with Salesloft. Today, I want to talk about using technology to maximize your response time.

First, let’s take a step back and realize why inbound response time is so important. So when someone reaches out to you on your website, they probably have a certain topic in mind, which is why follow-up response time is so important. With response time being such a crucial factor, I’m always looking for ways to get in touch with prospects more quickly. Here are a few ways you can use technology to do just that.

My first tip revolves around the popular communication platform, Slack. Slack is one of our sales team’s favorite tools, and we can configure it to actually notify us whenever somebody interacts on our website. So when someone takes an action, we can use an automation rule to automatically put that person into Salesforce and then into Salesloft once they take an action. So the benefit here is two-fold. First time notify so I can respond to a lead as fast as possible. Secondly, I won’t have to create a lead in Salesforce or Salesloft, that way I can focus more on personalizing and actually connecting with the prospect. Slack also has mobile and desktop applications so that no matter where I’m at, any time, any place, I can get a notification and respond quickly.

My second tip revolves around automating as much as possible so I can focus on responding quickly. We can use triggers to transfer leads from marking automation to Salesforce and then to Salesloft. The best part is that it can automatically be configured to put leads into Salesloft based on vertical or that type of lead. This can automatically start a cadence based on the type of lead or their persona. While it automatically sends out the email to cut down on the rep’s response time, it gives the rep the appropriate power to follow-up afterward. It’s specifically useful when you’re running multiple inbound cadences. That way, leads can be automatically sorted into the specific cadences they need to be.

Thanks again for tuning in to see how we use technology to maximize response time. Feel free to leave a comment below and thanks again.

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