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3 Sales Development Tools You Need To Use Today

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Updated Sep. 7, 2022
Published Jan. 11, 2016

Article updated June 2022

To develop meaningful sales relationships, you have to build trust by getting to know your prospects, their needs, and the potential solutions that can help them solve their problems. But with the abundant amount of sales development tech tools out there, it’s easy to lose track of what your prospects (and their companies) are up to.

These next three tools can help the best sales reps and SDRs personally connect with prospects, on both an individual and account-based levels, by filtering the noise and providing much-needed context in a content-dominated world.

1. 6sense

Take the guesswork out of prospecting with 6sense.

Using 6sense sales development reps can prioritize the best accounts, identify the buying team, engage them at the right time, and make every conversation relevant.

“6sense provides helpful intel on accounts I’m working, giving me important information on intent, buying stage, and their interests so I can tailor a custom approach specific to their needs.” – Stephanie Bolton, Enterprise SDR, Salesloft

As one of our Enterprise Sales Development Reps, 6sense is Stephanie’s go-to resource to for prospecting insight. With out-of-the-box dashboards already created in Salesloft, it is easy for her to check the in-market buying stages dashboard to understand where each account is on their buying journey. She then appropriately assign contacts to a cadence and uses the Salesloft integration to add contacts with just one click.

6sense dashboard

Another great feature of this sales development tech tool is the daily report of accounts. SDR leaders can see which accounts within their team’s territory that have recently visited our website or interacted with our content. It’s great for driving conversations around high-intent accounts and strategizing messaging based on the content they’ve interacted with.

6sense website activity

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Social selling works.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you locate the right people and companies faster, keep track of status changes, and engage with prospects. Incorporating LinkedIn activities into the selling cycle helps salespeople create stronger, more authentic connections, which leads to more closes at scale.

Salesloft data reveals a 4.7x increase in prospect engagement when a combination approach of email, phone, and LinkedIn is used in sales cadences. Over 50% of touches outside of email and phone are through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator steps allow cadence configuration and execution to match the workflow that is already in place. Social selling made easy!

3. ZoomInfo

Gain valuable contact and company intelligence with ZoomInfo.

“ZoomInfo makes my day-to-day easier as an SDR by giving me the resources I need to make the connection with prospects. Not to mention, I can understand the organizational chart of a company all from one place – saving me HOURS of guesswork.” – Robyn Holley, Senior Enterprise SDR, Salesloft

A sales development tech tool like ZoomInfo is table stakes for any sales development team. It offers the most accurate and actionable B2B contact and company intelligence to improve sales prospecting. Key integrations and a Chrome Extension make it easy to import the real-time data offered by ZoomInfo into your favorite multi-channel messaging tool.

Here’s what Robyn would see if she were prospecting herself as a potential lead using ZoomInfo:

Zoominfo SDR tech tool

One underrated feature of ZoomInfo is the ability to see the tech stack of a company. You can not only see which technologies they are using, but the date that information was last verified. This additional intelligence makes it possible for SDR teams to have better conversations with every prospect.

Bonus: Conversation Intelligence

Use Conversation Intelligence to share recorded meetings and clips directly with your sales team and your customers. It will even send notifications to make you aware of the buyer’s engagement and areas of interest.

Have better sales meetings with conversation intelligence

Ready to add sales development tech tools to your stack?

6sense, LinkedIn Navigator, and Zoominfo are three of the top tech tools available to help account execs and sales development reps create more personal connections with prospects during conversations.

Ready to supercharge your sales tech stack? Download the free Sales Tech Stack Guide.