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Time Saving Ways to Self-Source Your Pipeline

4 min read
Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Sep. 6, 2017

As an AE, sourcing your own pipeline is a lot like making your own meals. Sure, it’s a lot simpler when someone prepares a meal for you and it saves a lot of time. But when you make your own food you can be sure you’re preparing enough to fill your dietary needs for a week (or a night if you’re really hungry).

And just like the multitude of people who opt out of making dinner in favor of the quick dine out alternative, the struggle of sourcing your pipeline boils down to having enough time to search for qualified opportunities. This is why you need a sales engagement platform like Salesloft to complete sourcing tasks efficiently.

From automatically executing repeatable tasks to zipping through calls with Salesloft’s robust dialer, Salesloft makes adding accounts to your pipeline a cakewalk. Once your pipeline has been sufficiently sourced, you can spend more of your time serving up deals.

Salesloft Account Executive Tanner Siedel is no stranger to self-sourcing qualified opportunities while simultaneously closing deals. That’s why we’ve invited him to talk more about his tips for efficiently sourcing your own pipeline.



Tanner Seidel here, I’d like to talk to you today about how you can successfully source your own pipeline as an AE. In full cycle sales, time is the name of the game. Time to prospect, time to reconnect, and time to nurture. In many AE roles, you’re supported by SDRs, but it’s important to be out chasing your own business so that you don’t have to wait for them to feed you. So today I’d like to cover four ways that Salesloft can help save you time and get you closer to that goal.

The first thing I want to talk to you about is Salesloft’s Live Dashboard and how that can help you look at your day. My favorite part of the dashboard is being able to look at what prospecting activities I have left to do for the day, that way I can prioritize my time. Whenever I come in every day, I’m able to look at exactly what steps I have to take to make sure that my pipeline stays full.

The second time-saving feature of Salesloft is automation rules. Automation rules allow your team to eliminate the repetitive tasks that are associated with prospecting. Automation rules are super-customizable, but two of the most common ones that we see are removing people once you’ve set a meeting with them and then moving people between cadences based on how they behave. Not only are they customizable, but what that really means is that reps are able to spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks.

The third tip to speed up your process is using smart personalization. While being sincere with prospects is super-important, there are still so many repetitive tasks involved. Reps who find themselves sharing the same content and meeting credentials over and over can create text blocks known as snippets that can be added to their emails with one click. This allows reps to deliver sincerity at scale whenever they’re reaching out to their prospects. Salesloft makes calling easier because we can click to dial directly in the platform, log our notes straight to Salesforce, and then drop a voicemail if we don’t get an answer. These features allow you to live in the platform where you’re working but still log everything in Salesforce. For AEs like me, what this really means is that we’re able to make more calls and still stay on top of our to-do list.

Thanks for watching, I hope we were able to speed up your day, help you source more pipeline, and happy lofting.

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