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Tips to Speed Up Enterprise Sales Deals

4 min read
Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Aug. 1, 2013

For many companies, especially start-ups, it may feel like there is a mountain of roadblocks stopping your sales from reaching their full potential.

And there might be.

If you’re taking a long time to close deals, the revenue just isn’t coming in as steadily as it could be. Even so, there are things everyone can improve on. Today. We’ve gathered several tips to help speed up deals and ultimately increase sales.

Our friends at Predictable Revenue were a big help coming up with this invaluable info. Let’s take a plunge and find out how to speed up sales.

#1. Get to the Top Fast

Continually focus on people high in the buyer’s company. Be sure to recognize when you’re talking to “NINA” sales buyers (No Influence, No Authority) who can’t help you. If you reach out to your network for referrals to CEOs or board members, you’re likely to get information a lot faster than going from the bottom up. You just have to use more finesse to get the appointment. Be proactive and leverage referrals to your advantage. As difficult as it may be to reach out to a decision maker directly, it’s in your best interest.

#2. Promote Prospects with the most Pain

People and companies are generally set in their natural decision-making process. This includes the speed at which they decide to buy. Rather than pushing for them to act quicker, search and focus on prospects that are likely to buy faster. Which companies really need your product? Attack them. Once they’re introduced to your solution, they’ll hopefully be hooked. And you’re ready to keep selling.

#3. Hone In On Your “Ideal Customer Profile”

Finding exactly which customers best fit your product or service is what keeps that well oiled sales machine running smoothly. This benchmark should include prospect company size, sector, geography, and culture, and more. Think about the most detailed characteristics your best clients embody and move forward with lead-gen from there. Use The Prospector to create more targeted lists. In the end, developing and implementing your own ideal customer profile will cut out time wasted on inbound leads that don’t mesh with your service, or who simply aren’t interested.

#4. Be Simplistic in Speech & Language

As nice as it was to impress your college professors with the complicated lingo, things are different in the world of sales. Try to explain yourself well, but keep every deliverable simple. You want anyone to understand your message easily. If what your prospects are seeing and hearing is free of fluff and buzzwords, you’re likely to be more trusted and understood. When your prospects can understand and relate, they’re more likely to buy.

#5. Have a Firm Next Step

Once you’ve initiated contact with a buyer and they’re interested, be ready to move forward immediately. Tell the prospect exactly what to expect and don’t be afraid to be specific. Rather than saying, “I’ll get the proposal out tomorrow and follow up soon after,” go with something like, “I understand you’re ready to move forward. It will take a day to put the proposal together, but I’d like to walk you through it. How does Thursday at 10 am sound?” Be definitive. Advance the sale rather than just letting it float along. {Pro-tip, whenever you tell them the proposal is coming, send it earlier and exceed their expectations}.

#6. Nurture with the Correct Marketing

All else being equal, a prospect would rather watch a video than go on a demo. Save your time with half-qualified prospects by sending them the content they need to answer their questions and qualify them. As a sales professional, focus on later stage content and the post-sales experience.

#7. Plan Your Questions

This is a great way to show interest and concern. If you ask intelligent sales questions, insightful answers are soon to follow. It’s also the basis for a strong relationship. Demonstrating that you care and are being sincere can tip the scales in your favor. Doing your research and asking questions that dive deeper into buyer pain and how your product can help are good ways to speed up your sales.