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Top 10 Takeaways That Will Make or Break Your Next Quarter

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May. 26, 2015

As the gospel of sales development spreads, chances are you get inundated with content every single day. From social media, to your inbox, to lunchtime conversations — you could buy a Porsche with everyone’s two cents.

So what takeaways should you pocket in order to amplify your sales development this quarter? Salesloft churns out blog posts daily, so here are some of the gems that we consider to be the most valuable to your business:

1. Use Semi-Automation

It takes less than an hour a day to tailor emails for opportunities with the help of Cadence reminders, dynamic tags, and the semi-automation of the tool.

While taking the time to set up the initial process may feel time-consuming at first, it will save you oodles of time in the future (and help you close more deals, too).

2. Set SDRs Up For Success

#SalesDev Tip: ‘Provide enablement tools that help your SDR’s win.’ 

With training, encouragement, and successful onboarding tools, you’ll make your SDR feel like they’ve been invested in, and in turn, they will invest in you.

3. Build Trust With Prospects

Trust is the key to sales development success and is ‘the glue of life, it’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundation principle that holds all relationships.’ 

Building trust shows the prospect that you are a human being looking to build relationships. A lot of sales may be about the physical contract, but most outbound prospecting is based on mutual trust.

4. Constantly Test New Ideas

Always be testing for more productive Cadence. What works today won’t always work tomorrow.

Never rest on your laurels and you’ll find that with constant trial and error comes constant growth.

5. Send Personalized Emails — Quickly

But you absolutely need both — sincerity and scale, personalization and reach, heart and muscle.

Think quantity PLUS quality — who says you can’t have both? When it comes to maintaining a healthy balance between outreach and personalization, we believe in having our cake and eating it, too.

6. Prioritize Sales Development and Culture

“Your SDRs need to feel (and believe!) they are a part of a winning team. If they do, she says, it will crossover into every email, voicemail, and conversation they have with a prospect.”

We are the creators of our own reality. If I tell myself everyday that I’m the best, chances are, people are going to start agreeing. Salesloft employees are positive, supportive, and self-starting people — and they are because they remind themselves (and others) of that fact Every. Single. Day.

7. Show That You Care the Most

The most successful companies rally around their customers.

When you prove to your clients on a regular basis that you care more about sales development than any other competitors on the market, they’re more likely going to be loyal to you. Sharing is caring, y’all.

8. Make Them Laugh

Pro Tip: Humor isn’t just for the “Breakup” email. Inject humor whenever appropriate to capture the attention of your buyer and set yourself apart from the other 50 emails in their inbox.”

It’s 2015… professional sales conversations don’t have to be stogy and pedestrian. Admit to your prospect that you, too, are human and can make a joke!

9. Find an Automation/Personalization Balance

Personalization when you need it, automation when you don’t.

Like we talked about before, quality and quantity can be equally as important. But know your strategy — don’t just sell hard, sell smart. Think of automation as a rest lap — take it when you need it, but don’t just put on cruise control for the hell of it.

10. Ask the Tough Questions

If you sense [a prospect] feels you are pushing hard, you can let them know, ‘I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask these important questions. I’m sure you want to work with someone who honors professionalism like I do. Thanks for playing along.’

Transparency is the key to driving commitment with a prospect. In the B2B sales world, we’re selling to salespeople —  so why not put it all on the table? Setting demos in person becomes infinitely easier when you’re honest and hold each other accountable.

These ten takeaways from Salesloft’s Q2 could make or break your Q3… so why wait until then to start applying them to your business? START NOW!