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Highlighting 5 Powerhouse Sales Development Leaders

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Jun. 19, 2014

Sales development is an established model for creating revenue. It’s been evaluated and implemented by fast-growing businesses with flying colors.

As it cements itself in the sales process, users search for ways to champion best practices.

The answer lies in industry leaders that know sales development better than anyone else.

Here are the evangelists to turn to whether you’re seeking advice or looking for tips to boost your performance:

1. Craig Rosenberg


Craig is an influencer in the sales development arena.

Not only is a a co-founder of the wildly successful TOPO, but he also wrote an awesome blog post in October 2013 that ranks one of the best pieces of writing on the subject to date.

He shows us that converting leads to opportunities requires it’s own playbook and will ultimately yield productivity and efficiency.

You can follow him on Twitter @funnelholic to keep up with his frequent publications.

2. Trish Bertuzzi


Trish is a key player in the inside sales market, who brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the table. She’s extremely active on Twitter, sharing quality information from @bridgegroupinc.

As President and Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group, she’s part of an awesome team that publishes great sales content. They recently released an ebook titled The State Of Sales Management focused on leading, motivating and retaining sales reps. It’s a must read.

We can’t wait to speak with her in the upcoming state of sales development webinar.

3. Steve Richard


Earn the right to every sales conversation.

Steve is one of the most passionate leaders you’ll ever meet. You can see exactly what I mean by reading his exciting blog posts, often including quips from personal experience.

Steve joined us at the Atlanta Tech Village to speak at the very first Ultimate Sales Conference and blew us away. Follow him at @srichardv for live sales development news.

4. Ken Krogue

KenKrogue’s President and Founder, Ken is full of sales development knowledge.

He’s a well published author on Forbes (he’s written over 40 posts), where his extensive knowledge is clearly visible. We’ve adopted some of his great ideas, shared some others, and are always excited for him to share new content.

Follow him @kenkrogue for insightful sales updates.

5. Aaron Ross


Lead generation drives fast growth, not the size of your sales team.

Aaron Ross’ expertise helped predict and scale’s sales team.

In his best-selling book, Predictable Revenue, Aaron formally introduces and explains the importance of specialization in sales development and how it can help grow your team.

He’s pairing with Jason Lemkin to publish a Predictable Revenue Guide To Tripling Your Sales, in a unique set of publications. They’re asking for your feedback as they publish pdf sections of the book, so don’t miss out on great information and the chance to start a dialogue. Follow his updates @motoceo.

These five sales development thought leaders will provide you with current market insights, valuable information, and tips that can help you expand your knowledge and grow your business.

Follow their blogs and social media to keep up with sales development trends.