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Two Tips for a Better Sales Process, A Sales Tips Video

2 min read
Sep. 16, 2015

Some of the most common missteps made by sales development reps are so small, they may not even seem like major infractions at the time. But even the most simple oversight in your sales process can cause prospects to fall through the cracks. In today’s sales tips video below, Sage Sales Development Manager Nick Burgess and Salesloft SDR Erin Troxell prove that even the smallest of improvements can effect your sales process in a big way.

There are two simple things you can do to make huge improvements in your sales process.

First, is followup. Finding the right timing with a prospect is a delicate balance — that’s why followup is so important. A prospect may be struggling with an overwhelming time of year, a transition period in their process, or any number of pain points that you can’t control. But if you make sure to listen, take notes, and then follow up with the prospect, chances are you’ll reach them at a better time.

Second — it’s crucial that you not limit yourself in your prospecting tactics. Sure, it can be easy to pigeonhole your ideal customer profile into a niche pool. But if you practice opening your search to prospects you wouldn’t initially consider, you may find some sweet spots you never knew existed.

This advice from sales development veterans could make or break your sales process. Your strongest sales are right outside of your comfort zone, so take these tips to improve your sales process and multiply your customer base.