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Video as a Killer Sales Tool [Infographic]

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Mar. 14, 2017

The importance of online video is undeniable. Few mediums are more effective at reaching and holding the attention of modern consumers. That’s a large part of why, by 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index.

And businesses are taking notice. 96% of B2B organizations are using video in some capacity. In recent years, much of that usage has been focused on the marketing side, and to tremendous effect. Video has helped marketing organizations improve engagement rates, conversion rates, and a whole host of other key metrics. For example, emails with videos have been shown to have 200-300% improvement in click-through rates over those without. But wait a second… isn’t email a sales tool too? It sure is! And using video can have the same positive impact on your sales efforts that it has had on your marketing.

Using video as a sales tool has been shown to improve response rates, inspire more action, and be more effective at reaching the c-suite. We created the following infographic in partnership with vidyard to help illustrate why video is a sales tool you can’t afford to miss.