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Want to go to Dreamforce? Here’s How to Convince Your Boss.

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Updated Aug. 4, 2021
Published Sep. 2, 2016

Dreamforce is almost upon us. San Francisco’s hotels are filling up with reservations for conference goers faster than your inbox with Dreamforce related emails (but not too much faster). Conference goers will start filling up their agendas next week which means the time is now to claim your spot.

But what if your boss still needs some persuading in order to send you to Dreamforce? 95% of Dreamforce attendees last year said they would recommend it to others, but what if your boss needs a little bit more information to be convinced? Here are a few quick arguments that can help you secure your last minute spot to this year’s big event.

Networking. Serious Networking.

Salesforce is one of the most widely used business technologies on the planet. That means that any gathering of the Salesforce community represents an absolutely massive group of tech savvy business professionals and potential clients. No matter what your ideal customer profile is, they’ll likely be present at Dreamforce and incredibly open to networking. Relationships are built around the clock during the four day event. Happy hours, meet ups, breakfast, sessions, and countless other networking events take place throughout the conference, providing ample opportunity to network, make contacts, and maybe even close some business.

Learn From the Best

Dreamforce isn’t like any other conference you’ve been to. The scale, the atmosphere, the spectacle are all out of this world. Fortunately, for anyone looking to hone their skills and continue learning, the speakers and sessions are out of this world as well. Dreamforce is all about the Salesforce community advancing each other and sharing best practices through 2000+ expert-led sessions, dozens of hands-on trainings, and countless workshops. Whether you’re a sales development rep, a sales manager, or a sales operations professional, there will be more interesting opportunities to learn and expand your skill set than you could ever fit onto your agenda.

See Real ROI

Your boss is still not sold? Well all that networking and learning means one thing your manager will definitely understand: ROI. The return on investment from Dreamforce is undeniable. In fact, 96 percent of attendees surveyed last year said their business improvements outweighed the cost of going to Dreamforce. 96 percent! According to Salesforce (so take it with a small grain of salt) attendees reported the following gains across key business metrics:

  • 32% average increase in sales productivity
  • 36% average increase in customer satisfaction
  • 39% average increase in marketing ROI
  • 37% increase in lead volume
  • 51% faster deployment of IT programs

Be Inspired

This is your hail mary to your boss, but that doesn’t make it any less true. The energy of Dreamforce has to be experienced to be believed. The event hums with the enthusiasm and excitement of the 100k+ attendees and with speakers like Tony Robbins to push everyone into an even higher state of inspiration, it’s truly a once in a lifetime experience. And it’s not just about motivation. Every year Dreamforce hosts keynotes that inspire and elevate the minds of attendees, sending them back to their respective offices with a renewed sense of purpose and drive.

So gather your arguments, make your best pitch to your boss with the tools we’ve given you, and register today to secure your spot for the can’t miss event of the year!

Once you’re registered, don’t forget to find time to come see Salesloft on the expo hall!