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Whose Sales Tip is it Anyway?! Blooper Reel 2016!

2 min read
Jun. 28, 2016

It’s finally here: the one year anniversary of SDR TV’s most popular video series — Sales Tips! 

The past year has been a wild ride here at Salesloft, what with product changes, team growth, and the addition of so many more thought-leaders to the sales development community. The Sales Tip video series was born as a result of this growing community.

We wanted a way to give those sales development leaders a voice, and give SDRs and salespeople a place to come to learn more actionable ways to improves their process. And with over 60 videos, and over 20,000 views, we’ve certainly achieved that goal! SDR TV is a platform for sales leaders to share their insights with the world, and when it comes to Sales Tips… this is just the beginning!

To celebrate, we’ve put together a fun compilation of some of the best (and worst!) moments behind the scenes of SDR TV’s Sales Tip collection. So here you have it, folks, the Sales Tip Blooper Reel 2016!

Thank you to the sales development community for making this series the best (and funniest) it can be, and for continuing to be the sales champions of the world!

Stay tuned for more hilarious Sales Tips, insightful blog posts, and more installments of SDR TV to keep you on your toes and crushing your sales development goals. Happy Lofting!

P.S. We’re celebrating all week with recap playlists like how to craft personalized sales emails, the best ways to supercharge sales calls, and a playlist featuring none other than the fearless AE leader, closer extraordinaire, and (M) VP of Sales Tips — Derek Grant! Stay tuned for more to come here on the blog.

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