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Want Better Pipeline Coverage? Start Doing These Two Things

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Updated Aug. 25, 2021
Published Aug. 21, 2017

When the stakes are high and quota is on the line, your sales reps’ knee-jerk reactions may be to focus on the accounts that are later in the sales cycle. Their rationale is that the rest of their pipeline can be put off until an account warrants their attention. For now, they need to go for the guaranteed close.

As a sales leader, you know that brushing the rest of the pipeline off is a mistake. Harvey Mackey put it best when he said, “You risk losing your customers when you save all the good stuff for the end. Keep your customers actively involved throughout your presentation and watch your results improve.”

Reaching out to every single prospect across the pipeline can be a difficult feat without the right technology enabling consistent engagement. Sales leaders recognize the need for enablement platforms like Salesloft that allow reps to engage with all their accounts while they continue to close deals. So, let’s look at the Salesloft features that will help your reps cover their entire pipeline and rake in more deals over time.

Automation to Save Your Reps Time

The thought of attending to every account from the start of the deal to close is enough to make any AE’s head spin. But you can ease your reps’ heavy workloads by leveraging authentic automation throughout the sales process.

Automation takes care of the menial processes that can dominate your reps’ days. According to Salesforce, at least 40% of sales tasks could be automated with today’s technology. And by taking care of that hefty load of tasks from account information updates to synching activity logs, your reps can keep their focus on the most qualified and engaging prospects.

The key to automation is recognizing where your reps can bring the most value to prospects. Automating tasks like updating contact information, activity logging, or repetitive messages that are sent early in the sales cycle can put more time in your rep’s day. If a task within your rep’s day is not providing a prospect value, automate it.

Allow your reps to focus their time on what matters most: their prospects. Your reps should target prospects with sincere communication, rather than automated messages. They can gain a deeper understanding of the prospect’s needs, offer more sales value, and deliver product insights. The beauty of automation is that your reps can participate in the best of both worlds. They can quickly effortlessly complete repetitive tasks in their day-to-day and actively engage with the prospects that warrant personalized attention.

Create Genuine Personalization at Scale

According to TOPO, 78% of sales organizations struggle to connect their business value to their prospect’s needs. With automation rules in place, your reps can focus on delivering a personalized, valuable sales experience across their entire pipeline. But when you look at your rep’s pipeline, does the number of prospects still seem too large to personalize?

Valuable personalization does not mean that your reps have to craft every sales message from scratch. Your reps need to be able to quickly send emails that contain valuable elements to their prospects.

Have your reps make full use of the personalization available within Salesloft. Reps can quickly mix and match personalization tactics with the help of dynamic tags and Snippets. With Snippets, reps have easily accessible tidbits of content that contain commonly used phrases, links to resources, or add valuable insights into prospects’ challenges. Incorporating these small personal touches enables reps to efficiently send curated messages that turn emails into valuable assets.

When your reps are able to balance their entire pipeline through automation and personalization at scale, their overall pipeline efficiency will flourish. By combining these two aspects throughout your reps’ sale cycles, just like Harvey Mackey said, you’ll see results improve.

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