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Your CRM is Sales Mission Control {Infographic}

2 min read
Aug. 25, 2016

An astronaut has a million things to remember second to second. Oxygen levels, suit integrity, the direction of their ship, the effect of gravity. It’s truly staggering the amount of information they are bombarded with. But they aren’t up their doing it alone. They get plenty of help from mission control down here on earth.

Sales professionals aren’t unlike those astronauts. They have to remember emails, phone calls, meetings, names, demo scripts, product features, and a million other moving pieces in order to perform their job each day. Unfortunately, sales professionals don’t have a team at mission control they can rely on, but they have something almost as good: their CRM.

CRM (customer relationship management) tools are designed to organize, maintain, and track mission critical information for all key sales functions. From the new leads coming in to the latest touchpoint of that big account ready to close, a CRM knows all. But some sales teams are struggling to use their CRM effectively, causing a blackhole of time and productivity.

We created the infographic below to show you how this communication problem impacts a sales teams productivity and how to fix it. Don’t forget to download our latest eBook, “Houston, We Have a Sales Problem” for even more sales problems that might be holding you back.


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Let’s get ready for take off.