Case Study

Optimized Cadences Lead to 5x New Business Acquisition

Enterprise Media Company Experiences 5x Improvement in New Business Acquisition using SalesLoft

By leveraging SalesLoft for account based and personalization practices, an operations team at a leading digital and media marketing company has been able to optimize cadences for maximum pipeline growth.

The Challenge

Providing marketing solutions for advertisers poses interesting challenges: advertising agencies are on the “cutting edge in terms of how to grab people’s attention,” VP of Sales Operations and Ad Operations at a leading digital and media marketing company told us. So, when selling into a market of creative individuals the “old” way of selling no longer cuts it. Realizing something needed to change, this team began researching ways to incorporate more personalized account based cadences in order to move the needle on target accounts.

However, this shift towards a modern sales approach forced him and the team to confront the following process related obstacles:

  1. Poor Visibility within CRM led to an impaired ability to personalize at scale
  2. Re-organizing a sales team into specialized roles required new cadence processes and practices
  3. High employee turnover and time spent onboarding new employees prevented adoption.

Although these three common challenges may seem like separate events, they actually all stem from the same issue: not having the right tools in place to effectively leverage the modern sales approach.

This media company’s CRM tool usage alone wasn’t comprehensive enough to coach sellers on trends related to how the amount and type of activity translate into pipeline or how the quality of that pipeline results in higher revenue amount. Looking for solutions to capture that information to inform, coach, and track what’s working versus what’s not, they sought a “nimble platform that connected really well into our CRM [providing analytics that could] help us track not only activity but become more intelligent in the types of activity we’re executing against.”

Enter SalesLoft.


“We’ve rolled out the SalesLoft platform to virtually all of our business acquisition sellers, and we’ve experienced a 5x improvement in new business acquisition since we deployed SalesLoft.”

The Solution

Now having a more precise path with the ability to A/B test early and modify cadences, this team could focus their attention on creating a tried and true repeatable process. Using diverse cadences with A/B approach provides better results, but not having a system in place to perform such cadences makes it nearly impossible to track improvement over time. Using SalesLoft in combination with a CRM tool gives sales teams insight into activities taking place in the prescribed period of time and forces the company to align on messaging, content, and collateral to support the selling effort.

“We’re able to optimize that and then iterate and improve on it through A/B testing and through data that we’re able to receive for SalesLoft.”

Not only does having the proper tools in place make your team more effective, but it makes them more confident in hitting their goals. When the team is thriving, you are less likely to see churn, which is why this media team has seen a steady correlation between employee retention and pipeline growth:

“When you have people who care about what they’re doing, they’re willing to go the extra mile, they’re willing to make that extra phone call, follow-up one additional time with that [customer], make sure the onboarding experience goes well.”

Because enterprise deals can take up to 7 months to close, it is critical to building a trusting relationship with the person on the other end of the sales process. SalesLoft’s culture of creating impactful relationships through personalization not only builds long-lasting customers but also positively affects the seller’s ability to sell better.

“SalesLoft really wants our salespeople and ultimately our organization to win. [because of that], we’re able to serve our customers and prospects in a more meaningful way than ever before.”

The Results

There is no one size fits all when it comes to sales best practices, but there are combinations of tools and processes that work. Combine a series of phone, email, social, ABM or other touchpoints, implement the right tools to drive success, and empower your team to be confident, empathetic sellers.